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  1. I restarted VW and reset the sheet layer dpi and its resolved- thank you!
  2. Hi all, I am having trouble with blurry viewport renderings. I have edited the sheet layer to 300 dpi, but even in final render mode, it looks pretty bad. The image props I'm using are clearer in open gl than in the viewport...any idea what might cause this/how I can fix it? Cheers! H
  3. Thanks Jim, just what I was looking for!
  4. Hi, I'm looking for some direction on how to use the new grass shaders to create the kind of textures they are showing in the example renderings! Do I have to create my own texture? How do I get the most realistic grass renderings? Thanks!
  5. Hello, Wondering if anyone can tell me how I can take hand-drawn plant symbols (2D plan symbols) and import them to VW, so we can have custom plant symbols. I have scanned the image in, and I have image editing software but not sure how to work the image mask. Thanks!
  6. I'm having trouble using the plant database. I'm running VW 2012. I've accessed the files, updated the database with the plants we use more often,added pictures, etc. It's great, but then I tried exporting a page to an excel file so I could see how it worked. It froze, never exported anything. Tried the same with a pdf. Now, I cannot even get back into the database. I get a blank error message so I don't even know what the problem is. I accessed it through VW and all the updates I had done weren't there. Im afraid I've wasted a bunch of time and now I'm just frustrated. What gives?!
  7. I am trying to download exercise files, I'm running Vectorworks 2012 and it will not open the exercise files for 2013, which are the only ones I can find. How do I download the 2012 versions? Thanks


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