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  1. I am exporting files from .vwx to .dwg  and they are coming up blank . I am testing with Autocad LT for Mac , nothing  . Sent a file to autocad user , nothing .

    I have been exporting like I have , forever, no issues . any ideas ?


  2. Hello All 

    Ready to make the plunge to Mac OS Mojave , is it all clear to work with Vectorworks ?  I am running VW 2017 , will upgrade to VW 2019 , then upgrade to Mac OS Mojave.

    I am gun shy ,as I didi this when it came out and it was a nightmare , reinstalling previous OS system.


    So, do I get an Amen on making the leap ?




    Ian Graham



  3. 2 minutes ago, Christian Fekete said:

    Please update (rush) the service pack for VW 2018 to work with Mojave, I installed it without knowing of the issues and nothing works properly. Arrgh
    When can we expect to see that?

    Don't hold your breath. I turfed Mojave , re installed High Sierra , cost me time and money , but had to be done until this is resolved . VW was unusable and I was going mental 


  4. 4 minutes ago, Tim Norman said:

    Dear Vectorworks 


    Do you have a time scale on this? I have just made the mistake of upgrading to discover the significant bugs. Very keen to understand how this going.


    Can you please update. 




    Tim , I took Mojave OS off , reinstalled High Sierra  , spent a day doing it , but I won't install Mojave for a while , I typically wait , didn't  this time and it was a disaster . In my opinion , my only option at this time . Ian



  5. 14 minutes ago, Jim Wilson said:

    Vectorworks 2017 is not and will not be made compatible with Mojave. Vectorworks 2018 and 2019 do not currently work with the latest macOS, but we will be announcing when they do. For the time being for those who adopted early and simply need to get working again:


    Jim, I am looking g at reverting back to High Sierra,  in the meantime would it be better if I upgrade to 2019 with Mojave , I realize not fully compatible , but will it be better than 2017  ?   Ugh 


  6. Hello all , I am here as I just installed Mojave and Vectorworks 2017 is crashing like crazy , super slow etc . Typically I am instructed to wait until all things are sorted out , I didn't, I regret it . 



    I am running vectorworks Architect 2017 , should I upgrade to 2019 , wil it be better with Mojave , or equally as bad 


    Reverting back to High Sierra seems like a big task as well with a lot of chaos 


    Any help is appreciated 




  7. Hello

    I recently upgraded from VW2014 to VW2014 Architect. When I save the file form 2010 , it adds the v2014 at end of file, not overriding the file , but now a copy with new file name. How can i control this , so it does;t add the v2014 at end and overwrites my existing file, so I only have one file ?



  8. If I have a plan in my file and am doing a blow up detail of part of the plan on a saved sheet via viewport , the text is huge .

    I can go into Object Info and select Advanced properties and scale text so it looks same as other text. Problem solved.


    If I import a plan from external resource [ another file ] and import the plan into a larger scale , for say , millwork , the text is huge.

    Is there a way to control this as we did with above > Object Info and select Advanced properties and scale text so it looks same as other text.

    When I do , the dialogue box is limited and doesn't give me the option to scale text . We have been looking on web for answers , but nothing

    Any ideas ?



  9. new to viewports and love them. Quick question, if I am setting up viewports on my sheets, how do I control the outline box of my viewport ? Can I select it and not print it. My problem is that my boxes are different sizes and not aligning. I was looking for a dialogue box , no such luck.

    Vectorworks 2010 , Imac 27"



  10. Can I scale worksheets ? I want to be able to use a Door schedule worksheet on large 24 x 36 drawings and small 11 x 17 drawings but can't scale it , even if I use different layer and scale, tried viewports, couldn't do it.

    any thoughts?

    using vectorworks architect 2010 on a Mac



  11. I use the ceiling grid tool to create tile pattern, in FURN/Fixture tool set, very useful. could adjust the centre point and location of grid in the shade, [ arrange the tile pattern ] doesn't seem to allow you to do that anymore? Am I missing something here ?


  12. It just switched back to white cross ? just minutes ago. wierd. Thanks Katie. Hopefully it stays that way. I didn't adjust anything.

    I did see white full screen cursor , Thanks Peter.

    maybe it's a karma thing.


  13. 1920 x 1200 , 23" cinema display + 20 " display 1680 x 1050

    the cursor is black with white outline, pan is OK, BUT when I select a tool [ dimension , anything ] it is black and i can't see it [ the plus sign ] , when in white background > OK.

    It's when I go to black background , the plus sign stays black.

    No alternative cursor setting

  14. Should I download SP1 as well. I just downloaded SP2, thinking it would cover everything. If I install Sp1 now, will it screw things up ?

    Back to the problem, everything is fine, if not in black background. It just seams the curser is black on a black background. Tried using full screen cursor , drives me nuts.

    Please help, thanks, Ian

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