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  1. True, but if I want to build a new style, I have to define all of the components from scratch, or copy an existing style and modify it. I can't just assemble it from a library of predefined components.
  2. Component Library The ability to build wall styles, slab styles and roof styles from a library of predefined standard components. If the standard component definition is changed, it would change every style that uses this component. Right now, I'm working on refining our office standard wall styles, and want to change the attributes of the same GWB component in many different wall styles. I need to edit every single wall style to make this change. If there were a library or database of standard components, I could change it there, and it would update all styles that use that component.
  3. I've noticed odd behavior with the graphics of interior elevation markers in VW2019... In the first screen shot, the line thickness is manually set to be .25, and is NOT by class. In the second screen shot, the selected marker has a line thickness that is set by class, which is .25. The line thicknesses are obviously different, even though they are both set to .25. What is causing this behavior? Also, the horizontal line in both markers does not change thickness, and remains .05, which is extremely light and difficult to see when printed. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I suppose I could go and change the default marker in the Libraries/Defaults/Interior Elevation Marker vwx file, but then I would have to push this change to all of the users throughout our firm. We are running SP4, and have not installed SP5 due to crashes on older Macs. Thanks for your help everyone.
  4. Nikolay: We use the Sheet Title to populate a drawing list worksheet on our Cover Page. Will this work sheet be affected? Our worksheet criteria for the Sheet Title looks like this: Will the Sheet Title record contain the entire Sheet Title, or just the first line? Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks for all of your feedback everyone. We developed a workflow to get this to work, which involves copying the Sheet Title info from the Data tab in the OIP, converting the TB, pasting the copied Sheet title, and then removing the carriage returns. This is obviously a time intensive task. It looks like, based on Nikolay's comment above, that this issue will be corrected in SP4. When will SP4 be released? I won't implement our fix if the release of SP4 is coming soon. Thanks again.
  6. So, here's our issue... Our title blocks/sheet borders in VW17 have a field for the Sheet Title. Because VW17 record formats do not support text wrapping in a text field, we set it up in VW17 to allow for a carriage return in order to get multiple lines of text in the Sheet Title. When we convert these to VW18 Sheet Borders, anything typed after the carriage return in VW17 disappears in VW18. This is a huge deal for us. Some of our sets are dozens of sheets with multiple lines of text for the Sheet Titles. We are left with whatever was typed before the carriage return. Our sheet layers are renamed as well, and the worksheet we use to create our drawing list only shows that first line of text as well. Does anyone have any thoughts besides going through and renaimg the sheets? I'ne attached screen shots of what I'm seeing. Thanks everyone.
  7. We have details that we identify in our Door Schedule for Head and Jamb. Typically, this information includes Sheet and Drawing Number. We would like to link this information to the detail viewports. That way, if the detail sheet and/or number changes, the schedule automatically updates. Is there a way to make this happen? I know that the Head and Jamb detail information in the schedule comes from the Data in the Settings of the door PIO: Can the Field Value be linked to a viewport? Is there any criteria that can be put into the Field Value that would allow this to happen? Any other thoughts? Thanks!
  8. BUMPING THIS TOPIC... Anyone???
  9. I've been searching for an answer to this, and haven't found one yet.. The grid bubble tool has a drop down menu to assign a linetype to the grid lines. I can't for the life of me seem to add an additional linetype to this list. I'd like to add a centerline style to it, which is a standard graphic convention for column grids. Has anyone successfully added a linetype to this tool? Where does the tool get its linetypes from? The ones named in the list aren't the same ones shown the drawing's resource browser. Is there some default list coded into the software? Any help would be appreciated! Cheers! Using VW14 by the way...
  10. Hi... Is there any way to define the graphic fill properties of a space object to automatically generate based on the occup. organization of said space? For example, can a space whose occupancy is listed as "Office" automatically fill with a certain color? Can the fill of the space object be controlled by class? I know that the leader line can have its own class... can the space boundary its own class as well? Thanks!


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