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  1. So I had been working in VW 2016 and 2018, waiting patiently for 2019 to prove stable. After some trial, I decided to upgrade our current projects to 2019. This has mostly gone fairly smoothly, but one of my projects is showing very strange behavior. Classes that are supposed to be turned off off show up in viewports; textures rotate, and hatches misalign. This is mostly affecting 3D viewports, but has completely turned off my office from using 3D for actual drawing generation as the program crashes as we try and fix these newly generated errors. We are losing hours. I would upload the file here but it is very large. Any suggestions (other than downgrading back to 2018)? Running High Sierra on a 2015 3.2 i5 iMac (Radeon M390) w/ 32gb RAM.
  2. Hi- My shift+ and alt+ have suddenly stopped functioning. I can't hold shift to select multiple objects, for example- each object selection deselects the previous object, regardless of whether shift is being pressed. Where is the menu that controls this behavior?
  3. Hello- I'm running VW2009 SP5 on Leopard. I'm using built-in tags on door plug-in objects. Both on display and when printed, some of them print upside-down or mirrored. Checking the "Keep text horizontal" box changed the error somewhat but doesn't help- they just show up a different kind of wrong. Similarly, the callouts in this file show up backwards (mirrored) if I try to point right to left. I feel like there's a global variable I need to adjust, but I can't find it. Please help! Thanks
  4. I'm still not sure it makes sense. There are lots of uses for seeing things multiple times. There are zero uses for counting things more than once. Also, given the criteria workaround, it would be nice if it didn't override settings in plug-in objects.
  5. Thanks. It's working as you described. Is there a reason why setting the criteria in this fashion seems to override the "On Schedule" checkbox in the window plug-in object? Now all of my window objects are showing up on the schedule, including those being demolished...
  6. Hello, I have been using design layer viewports to reference plans for use in drawing elevations for construction drawings. Annoyingly, however, whenever an object appears in a design layer viewport, it seems (as far as schedule generation for windows and doors are concerned) that it is counted a second time. For example: I have a house plan with 4 windows of type A. In drawing elevations of the 4 sides of my house, I make 4 design layer viewports. I generate a window schedule. 20 Type A windows are counted, 4 for each DL VP and 4 for my original plan. My schedule can no longer be relied upon to display multiple quantities of the same window size. Is there a way around this? Thanks
  7. No, next time I feel like messing with PIO settings, I'll remember that. Something I've just noticed- I included a Length conlumn in my wall style report worksheet. The Length function will report a wall that is 120" long as 120'-0" long. Of course, this can be resolved by dividing by 12, but there seems to be a deeper issue with how VW worksheets handle feet, inches, and decimal numbers, as I reported in my previous post. Either that, or I need to change something in my settings. My units are set at feet & inches.
  8. 1) Thanks. That's annoyingly simple. I feel kind of dumb. 2) Can I approximate the summarize function on my totaled dimension cells with some sort of script or operand? I just tried dividing them by my new quantity cells, but the answers came back incorrect, I think due to the difference in formatting (decimal vs. dimensional.) Edit: Also- why is it that in a drawing when I type in '1' the dimension assumed is 1", whereas in a worksheet the assumed dimension is 1'-0"? re: Door PIOs- I tried to change the UserFld1 to Quantity, the format to decimal, and the default to 1, in an effort to give each door a numerical value that would auto-total in a worksheet. This caused any drawing I opened that included a door PIO to report infinite errors.
  9. I tried searching, can't seem to find an answer that works... I've generated a door schedule using the VA Create Schedule command, which left me with a worksheet with all of my doors in it. Each one is labeled, D-01, D-02, etc. according to its type (identical doors repeat over the course of the building, so we're using door types instead of listing each door.) I can summarize the door types in the worksheet fine. What I can't figure out is: 1) How to tabulate quantities of each door type? I've inserted a "Quantity" column and tried using the Count and Sum operators in the database header row on the type column with no success (I get either a boolean or door type output, but no number.) I've also entered "1" in the UserFld1 value in my doors and tried to + them in the worksheet, but again not had success. 2) All of my dimensional information adds together for summarized door types. So (4) D-02 doors at 7'-0" tall show up as 28'-0" tall in my "height" column. I can summarize that column as well so it displays correctly, but VW apparently only allows you to summarize (3) columns in a given worksheet. I have 5+ fields that would require it. Do I need to make multiple worksheets and stitch them together in order to get my data to display correctly? Also, why can't we edit certain PIOs? I modified the Door PIO in an effort to get my worksheets to work and it essentially destroyed my VW install. Is there some kind of master list of ones we can modify and ones we can't? Would it be in the printed manual that didn't come with my 12.5 upgrade CDs? Getting a little frustrated. Thanks for your help.
  10. It would be nice if the wall framer tool could frame walls based upon wall style. Separating by class doesn't make any sense. Also, some metal stud framing options would be nice. We don't build many wood structures.
  11. And how do I do that?
  12. I'm working on a project in which several plan layouts over various floors in a building are identical. When one is updated, all need to be updated. So, I set these layouts up as symbols so any changes will carry throughout. I'm trying now to generate schedules and reports from the objects in the building. However, it appears that Vectorworks won't "go inside" a symbol to pick up door, window, wall, etc. information. Other than breaking apart the symbols in the drawing, is there any way to get the Create Report command to pull information out of embedded symbols? You can imagine why I would be reluctant to break the symbols, as there may be future layout revisions. Thanks
  13. I'm trying to tag styled walls using the ID tag tool. I've filled in the necessary tagging information in the "Mark" field in each wall style. However, when I attempt to tag a wall to the right, left, or above the tag location, the tag comes in blank. If I try to tag a wall below the tag location, the text shows up correctly, but the leader stays horizontal when it ought to point down and I have to rotate it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
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