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  1. Jim, I also have the same issue, I'm on VW 2015 on Yosemite. I didn't notice it until I upgraded to a new iMac. I use the Apple wireless Magic Mouse. Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5 16 GB memory AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2048 MB
  2. The pdf's come in from different sources; word, excel, autocad, scanners, etc. We've tryed the new system with quartz imaging on and off. When we export a pdf (300dpi) we've used both the VW File Export pdf function and the File print save as pdf function. The new system doesn't have any problems creating pdfs or viewing them with Acrbat Reader. It's only when we try to open a VW drawing with a pdf in it or import a pdf into a drawing. Keep in mind that all of our other iMacs and MacBook Pros are working fine with these same drawings and pdfs.
  3. I tested this issue on a MacBook Pro we purchased a few months ago and everything works fine. The only difference between the old MacBook Pro and the new one, besides memory 1GB vs 2GB, is the graphics card. The new MacBook Pros are now shipping with an NVidia card, which is not used in any of the other Macs. I've submitted a bug fix request.
  4. Yes, I made sure all pref. and caches were removed before reinstalling VW.
  5. More info. looks like this is a VW 12.5.2 bug. I reinstalled VW to 12.0.0 and everything works fine. I then downloaded the current 12.5.2 update (the larger one) and now it doesn't work. Might it be the graphics card? Most of our iMacs use the ATI Radeon cards, this new MacBook Pro 17" is using a GeForce 8600M GT card (NVIDIA).
  6. There is no error message, VW just crashes. Additional info.: I can export a drawing as a pdf. I then opened a new drawing and tryed importing that same pdf just created and VW crashes! If I take any drawing that has a pdf in it and remove the pdf, the new system opens the drawing. I can also view the same pdfs with Adode reader. Everything else, including VW is working fine, until I try to import a pdf... New MacBook Pro 17" w/ new High Res. widescreen option.
  7. We have a new MacBook Pro (Intel) and when we try to import a pdf into a new VW drawing it crashes VW. We also can't open any existing drawings with pdf's in them. This function works on our iMacs (both Intel and non-Intel based) and on our old MacBook Pro (G4).
  8. We're also having this problem. It started with release 12 and it has just gotten worse with 12.5. We have an HP 1055cm. And it's only with the plotter, it's not an issue when we send to our laser printers (HP, Canon).
  9. It appears to properly fill if we un-check that options, however the colors are still reversed.
  10. Additional information. The issue is very apparent if you print at 25% scale. It doesn't do it with hatches, solids, or linear material. It does it on all of our printers/plotters.
  11. We've just upgraded to Ver. 12.5 and now any object, i.e. walls, squares, rectangles, etc.. that are filled with a pattern when printed the pattern does not fill the entire object. It also reverses the pattern colors (foreground, background). If we take the same drawing to the Ver 12 system it prints fine. Is this a known problem and is a patch come?
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