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  1. I have used high end Dell's (Precisions) and not had any major problems with them. You get what you pay for. With MAC's you don't have to worry about that as they don't use cheap components. I have been working on a PC all my life and I know how they work so I can provide my own tech support. Recently I have been working in a MAC office and I have to admit MAC's just work better than PC's. My PC laptop could not find the network printer because the IP address assigned to its print server was way out of our network range. The MAC's did not care, they just printed anyway. I changed the IP address and the MAC's kept working without a problem. In a PC you would have to go and change the settings in your computer before it would be able to print to the printer with a changed address. In the printer driver you have more options like you adjust the margins or get ride of them where in the PC you are stuck with the default. I always thought it was the other way around. MAC's have less hardware variable which makes it much easier to design a stable usable interface.
  2. There should be a way to override the printers default margin sizes to create your own office standards. This could be a Margins tab in the Page Setup dialog or a way to create your own sheet size standards so they can be changed globally. This is useful in creating standard title bar/drawing boarder locations across platforms and offices with different printers. The MAC version of the HP DesignJet 110plus NR driver allows for margin override but the PC version does not. Adobe PDF does not allow you to set margin sizes so switching between PDF production and final plotting can be problematic.
  3. Looks like this is another one for the Wish List. It is driving me crazy because it is so basic. A margins tab in Page Setup like most other programs.
  4. I am trying to adjust the margins on my PC so that I can have drawing boarder standards in my office. It seems VW uses the printer drivers to determine that and there is no way to override them in my HP 110plus NR plotter driver. It seems that my partner on his MAC can. On a Arch D osize paper I would like to have a 2" margin on the left, 1" top and bottom and 1/4" on the right. This is all so that when we insert our custom drawing boarder using the nifty tool VW has it will show up in the same place on each sheet on both of our computers. It seems both Adobe Acrobat and the HP Plotter rely on the application to set custom margins if you want them. Do you have any suggestions for me?
  5. Does anyone know if NNA plans to update their plugin to import SketchUp files for the new version 6? I tried importing my files and nothing happens but my version 5 SketchUp files still import fine.
  6. Work with 3DConnexion (http://www.3dconnexion.com) to support their 3D navigation devices specifically the SpaceNavigator, SpacePilot, SpaceExplorer and SpaceTraveler.
  7. That makes sense. Actually when I transfer it back to ACAD it is back down to 11MB. VW needs to get better file compression like the 2004+ ACAD file format.
  8. I imported an AutoCAD 2004 file that was 319KB and now it is 65MB in VW 12.5. While the program is running with just this file open it takes 461.6MB of RAM. Every operation takes 3-10 seconds to respond. I have dual 2.8G Xeon's with 4GB 800mhz RAM and SCSI drives on WinXP so this is crazy slow for me. What can I do to speed this program up?
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