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  1. I thik that it can be very useful to have the ability to export a SheetLayer into a VectorWorks file, and convert each viewport to a designlayer, so to have a file I can save to VectorWorks version prior 11 and have the same aspect that has may original sheet. It will be useful to give the file to customer of older VectorWorks, but in many case to Vectorworks 12 users too, in case I won't give them entry file.
  2. I think that now that both software are under the same roof, it's time to put an import and export command on both software that can make them exchange designs without limiting the exchange trough dwg.
  3. I found that if I export files from VectorWorks 12.5.x to DWG 12 or prior versions, all text will be truncate after comma (simbol <,> ). It's a sirius bug for us, because we have to export files with ungrouped dimensions, and all are truncated. Can anyone verify this?
  4. An other time: I would be happy to go back to VW 12.5.0, if there is the possibility to download the update 12.0 -> 12.5 from your site!
  5. I only don't understand way Nemetschek has removed the update from their site. They have all intermediate updates from VectorWorks 8, 9, 10 ad 11, but not the 12->12.5. Katieee: can we have back the 12 -> 12.5 updater on the site, please? or have you not enough space on it?
  6. etice, try to delete VectorWorks Preference file: for me it helped. Now I haven't not much time to do other tries, and I really like to go back to 12.5 that worked better for me (I've lost the 12.0 > 12.5 updater), but for now I go with 12.5.1 that after I rebuilded preference file seems to be usable.
  7. Are you kidding? I want to return to the 12.5! Do you read my previous posts? It can be they are not completely without syntax errors, but I did a great effort to write them, in hope to be useful to correct the bugs... But now I must do some work... or better, a lot in little time! So I'd like to work with a stable software: VectorWorks 12.5.0!
  8. In the meantime, is it possible that Nemetchek puts online the VectorWorks 12.5 update?
  9. And another issue, too! I can't make fax from vectorworks 12.5.1 (12.5 and all other programs have no problem) with may HP Photosmart 3310 All-in-One printer. If I try to make a fax printing a page to HP fax, when I select Fax Recipients, I've got a few second freez, after that a Comunication Error and then VectorWorks crash. And this on my home PowerMac G5, with OS 10.4.8 and not networked. I'm sad: I lost antoher hour becose I made a simple design to ship with fax (and didn't save it). I'll want to go back to 12.5!
  10. I've experienced the same issue then etice. I've partially solved by deleting preference file and re-setting up VectorWorks. Partially, becouse it happend again once after some time, but before I wasn't able to work: it happened every 2-5 minutes! So, I answer your questions with my situation: Yes, that's true. After the message it seems to be all right, but after a moment, VectorWorks close with a OS X crash message. If I try to save or save a copy after message, I've immediately the crash, mostly making unreadable the file I was saving. from 2 to 5 minutes, not more before rebuilding preferences file. After that it happens once. But I experienced more than one 'little freeze' (some seconds), that was let me think error was coming, but was not. On the network in a shared grop folder; the Server is a PowerMac G5 / 1.6Ghz / 1.25Gb ram / 2x160Gb HD in mirror with Mac OS X Server 10.3.9, and OpenDirectory accounts (so preferences and user's home are on the network, too) I didn't try before I deleted preferences, and now I'm not in office and so I can't. I can try Wednesday, If you think it will be useful, but if the error don't occur, I'll can't say If it's because I opened the file this way. I think it doesn't matter. I hope to not see the error anymore! It made me lose entry morning... In other case, is there a way to download 12.5 update? I looked for it, but I didn't find.
  11. No, it's not wath I asked, but can be a alternative I hoped there's a simple way to get single files that look exactly like a sheet layer. So if I work with sheet's I've a simple way to pass may layouts to people that work with older VW or other CAD's that don't support viewports. If VW can export single sheet layers to VW12 files looking exactly like the original sheet (cutting away all thing is not visible), we can re-open it and export the file to any other format supported by VectorWorks 12, and be pretty sure to give away files that look like they should.
  12. Look at my sing, please. I'm not a newbie to VectorWorks! The answare is: Yes, I used Convert to Group!
  13. Yes, I'm making some try with a Single sheet / single viewport file.
  14. I did, (before the last message) but nothing is changed. The Viewport will not be converted.
  15. It doesn't work in my case. If I try to convert to group I've a massage that says "Only rendered, updated viewport can be converted to groups.". And in any case it seems not to be simple job, to create 8 or 10 (from the same number of sheets) files with until 15 viewport for each! I think that the option to create a "model-space only" file from any sheet (somthing like you create PDF's) can be very usefull (I was hoping it exist).
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