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  1. This might be a very basic question but I have a batch runner in applescript and I am trying to include a simple print vectorscript for a selection of vw files. The applescript works fine but it breaks down when it tries to run the vs. Does anyone have a very basic print file script that I can test out? Thanks
  2. Hi, I am trying to create a simple print to PDF and export to dwg vectorscript using the default print settings of the file - without much success! Does anyone have a similar script that I could use and edit? Thanks Ronan
  3. Hi, I installed the updates for vw11 up to 11.5.1. Everything works fine now. Thanks for your help. Ronan
  4. Katie, It is a single user dongle, (Purple), so the message appears on that computer. The message reads, "A vectorworks dongle could not be found. Make sure that the dongle is connected and all required drivers are installed. Vectorworks will now quit". Also when the preferences files are trashed it asks to re-instate the serial no and says that no dongle can be seen at this time.
  5. Hi, I am trying to install vectorworks 11 on an imac running OSX 10.4.7 (intel processor) and I keep getting a message that the dongle cannot be found. I have installed the latest driver from alladins' website for mac osx but still the dongle is not recognised. The dongle light is on, not flashing and it is a hasp hl dongle. Hasp say they have no problems running on os10.4.7. Thank you.
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