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  1. CEA, Could you tell me if you have any specific drivers, ESP or GIMP or other running the 488ca? Mine was working fine, but began to slow down, and now cannot print but a few lines and quits. It plots the set-up page from a PC without problem and I've upgraded flashware in the JetDirect. Please reply here or to mark@msnrcd.com many thanks, Mark Stech-Novak
  2. Why does this happen: In some of my files, grouped objects have dimensions shown in the shape tab of the Object Info palette, others don't. How can I turn this on if missing? Thanks, VW 9.5.2 OS:9
  3. quote: Originally posted by Danielj1: Under the right circumstances this technique can save you a great deal of set-up time, since you would already have a sense of the strength, reach and spread of any particular light. this is brilliant...absolutely brilliant...it has helped me create some exceptionally well designed features for my itchens. ------------------ mark@msnrcd.com
  4. Seems wierd but I am doing a drawing in 1/8" scale, about 5megs of rendered and textured image...if I render it as a view rotated w/ the 3d rotate tool, I can render at 1728 dpi. IF I swith to a perspective I cannot render at above 144. What gives? This one has me stumped. ------------------ mark@msnrcd.com
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