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  1. Back again. We're close to placing our order for the HP500, there's just a couple of things I forgot to mention originally. All our Macs and printers/plotters are networked through a Windows 2003 server. Is this going to cause any further problems? Also, we currently use a JetDirect Ex Plus box at the HP 430. Can the HP 500 be directly attached to a switch or will we need a new JetDirect box? And finally, we'll be ordering some new G5's which will be running on OSX 10.5. Has anyone had any compatibility problems with 10.5 and the HP 500? Many thanks for all the help.
  2. Thanks for the help guys. However, one thing that crops up on HP's website when trying to download the drivers is this: "HP strongly recommends that you do not install our software under the root account in Mac OSX " ...... is this a potential problem?
  3. I work in a small office with a mixture of Mac G4s and G5s working on both OS9 and OS10.3 and 4. We use a mixture of Vectorworks 9 and 12 and plot to a HP Designjet 430. Unfortunately, the G5s using OS10 will not work with our current plotter. Ideally we all want to upgrade to VW12, using OS10/Tiger and purchase a new 24" Colour and B/W plotter but have heard of difficulties with compatibility and quality printing. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi, We are a small Architectural firm looking to upgrade to new Mac G5s and older G4s, OS 10.4 (Tiger), Vectorworks 12, and a new plotter, possibly a HP 500 or 800 series. We have a relatively small output, but desire sharp, quality drawings. Can anyone advise as to compatibility or problems with this setup. Thank you, Ros.
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