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  1. This may have been a question at one time, but is there a way to render the lights with a soft edge instead of a hard edge. For example, a scoop would not have a defined edge, it would be soft.
  2. I tried to email the file, but my email server would not allow me to do it. The file is 44.8MB in size and our server only allows 25MB. Can you think of anything that may be causeing that, it is only when a gobo is in the light that I cannot see it. THanks for your help.
  3. I have tried all of that. I can take a light and put it in one room and it works. Put it in this room and nothing. If I take the gobo out of the light then I can see the light. This room was created in Google SketchUp if that helps. I can email you the file if you want.
  4. Ok, I have one very improtant room that I must be able to see what gobos will look like in. So with that I can't see them. I have tried putting up different fixtures and still nothing. They all do the same thing. If I tell the fixture to project the gobo, then I see nothing. If I take the gobo out then I see the light fine. What gives. I can see gobos in other rooms that I have created, so why not this one. Is there a property or something that I need to change? Thanks
  5. Try exporting sketchup to a DWG first and then import it into VW. I had to do this. For some reason if I imported the sketchup file all I got was about half of my layers, and they were not even layers I could really use. I exported it to DWG and then imported it and it worked great. You have to have the full version of Sketchup to do this not the free one.
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