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  1. H. H. Furr

    Using VW on a network - Best Practices

    Thanks for the ideas. The alias thing seems as though it should work but VW comes up with an error. I'm not sure what a sybolic link is or I would try it.
  2. H. H. Furr

    Using VW on a network - Best Practices

    Christiaan, Thank you for your clear and succinct answer. I like your idea of adding the toggles to the contextual menu. So, how do you do it? wezelboy & islandmon, Wow. You da "man" and I guess one of you is da "man 2" Seriously, I do appreciate the help but I don't know what type of device I am supposed to type this alien language nor what War Games I might accidently start if I did. I apologize for my ignorance. Please, tell me more about what VW files you coordinate, merge or sync? I do really want to know about Best Practices for setting up VW on a smallish network for Construction Document production. The main thing I am trying to do right now is to make it so that when one person creates new Door Hardware Sets or Room Finishes it shows up when the next person goes to edit or make corrections on their machine. I'll tell you this its harder than you think. I have not got it working yet.
  3. H. H. Furr

    Using VW on a network - Best Practices

    Christiaan, What files do you sync? Is it just Resource Browser stuff or do you do default hatches,symbols, etc.? This is actually an open question to anyone in the forum. I would like to know more about what has already been tried or is working for them.
  4. H. H. Furr

    Using VW on a network - Best Practices

    Peter, Thanks for the info. Has anyone else fooled around with the alias thing? Or some other method?
  5. H. H. Furr

    Using VW on a network - Best Practices

    Peter, I am glad to hear about the machine you are using as a server; because I would rather upgrade a workstation like you mentioned. Also you called it, about the size of our switch we are maxed out right now so I think something with more ports is in order. I am still wondering besides the Resource library what other VW files should I put on a server or have synchronized?
  6. H. H. Furr

    Using VW on a network - Best Practices

    O.K. this sounds better. I read the links and it sounds good. Here is my current setup: (maybe not the best but it it works for us right now) 8 port Asante 100Mbs switch ? The uplink port used by the DSL to share the internet connection ? Sharp AR-M208-N copier/laser printer on another port ? 4- Macs (2-Dual Processor 867MHz G4, imac G5 & iMac 2GHz intel)on the other ports 1-of the Dual Processor G4 has a 450 GB firewire drive attatched along with USB connected HP 110 plotter and HP 5550 injet which are shared. We all log on to this machine and mount the firewire drive and work off of it. The firewire drive is backed up everynight to my machine. I know the backup setup seems little backwards but being in a hurricane prone area (Katrina) I wanted to be able to grab the firewire drive and know I had the very latest work on it. We keep a few resource library files on the firewire drive but some times they will disappear and will have to be added back as a favorites. Do you have the same problem if it is running from a true server? We use Now up to Date & Contact with its little server program to co-ordinate our schedules & contacts. I have never dealt with a dedicated server. So these are my other questions: What can I do with a dedicated server that I am not now doing concerning VW? Could I use 1 of the Dual Processor G4's w/ 2GB ram as the server?
  7. H. H. Furr

    Using VW on a network - Best Practices

    I don't know any UNIX. I think I looked at one of these at some point in time trying do something else but I could only firgure out how to ovewrite everything to be the same. I want my staff to be able to contribute to the master symbol library, custom room finishes, custom door hardware, notes library ect. I am not actually sure what all files would need to be shared to do this. How have other small offices done it?
  8. H. H. Furr

    Using VW on a network - Best Practices

    Yes. 2 imacs (G5 and intel) 2 Dual G4 867 VW 12.5.2 Mac OS 10.4.10 I'll add some info to my posting signature.
  9. H. H. Furr

    Using VW on a network - Best Practices

    I am the Principal of a small Arch. firm we work our project files off a firewire connected hardrive over a 10 port 10/100 network and don't have a speed problem. We do have a problem with not synchronizing our defaults, hatches, templates, door hardware sets, room finishes, resources. I see Chrstiaan office has it licked with Apple Remote Desktop but I have never used it and I would appreciate some input on how to set this up or a central server solution (what was the problem there?) or something else. The simpler the better.
  10. H. H. Furr

    Stair Tool

    I would like to be able to have a down arrow. I think we used to have this in an earlier version of VW or MC.
  11. H. H. Furr

    Intel Mac Support - Sick of waiting

    So what is the word? When will there be support? I am having to work with the bugs right now and trying to produce Construction Documents on several projects.


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