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  1. Thanks Christiaan. Good idea. But we didn't change the names of anything! The messages we get indicate that VW is not looking for a file or folder as much as it want's to locate that actual computer.
  2. We recently moved all our Vectorwork files to a new server. Now whenever we open a document across the network, Vectorworks is still looking for the WGR back on the old [ non-existant ] server. Is there a way to update all references at the same time? :eek:
  3. I've been poking around on the VW site for a while now with no luck so I thought I'd just ask. Are there guidelines as to using VW ( we are all Mac's and using V12) on a network? Can files be opened across the network as opposed to moving them from the server to a local drive to be worked on? Additionally, is there a server hardware recommendation as to speed, processors, etc? Thanks very much. Clinton
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