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  1. A drawings has many lines on on top of one another (like someone many have duplicated the whole drawing on top of itself many times) Is there a script or someway to delete all but the top layer of lines when they are duplicated?
  2. Is there a way (preference) for the object info box to show actual dimensions (x&y) for a rotated rectangle instead of the original with the angle indicated. It seems you must make the rectangle a polygon for this to work. When quickly doing schematics, we use rectangles a lot then duplicating & rotating & reproportioning, etc. Polygons are not as quick.
  3. Can you unassociate a particular dimension later?
  4. We are having the same problem (multiple users, multiple computers) with the same error message The file save operation failed. Please try again or save to a different location' -seems like it is more common with multiple files open on the same computer.
  5. Would love an option to allow a continuous spell check similar to a word program.
  6. "File is currently in use by another process. Specified file is currently open, so it cannot be replaced." -This note has been coming up frequently on a particular drawing it seems to happen most often when the drawing is up but idle for a while although it can happen in the middle of a command. Restarting doesn't help. The machine it is happening on is a mac OS X ver. 10.4.11. Does anyone know what is causing this. I do not know of any other application that should be linked to this file.
  7. Is there a way to delete references and keep in current document all workgroup references for an entire folder of files without having to open files and do it individually? We have switched all our files to a server (literally thousands of files) and the original paths are no longer. Because the computer has to search for the old computer it takes lots of time just to open the older files before being able to delete the old workgroup references. This is worth the time for active projects that need to have their workgroup references reoriented but not for older ones that need to have their workgroup references bound anyway.
  8. I know what I was doing wrong now. A matter of sequence. I was picking the presets then making the adjustments -you have to make the adjustments then click the presets.
  9. While adjusting our schedules, an issue has come up. It happens when merging two cells vertically together in the header area of the schedule. After getting out of the schedule, it looks like the bottom part of the text (the part that would be in the bottom cell) is missing and the cell to the right is overlapping it. You go back into the schedule to edit and it looks right or atleast switches back right after being selected. Then even though it looks messed up after getting out of the schedule, it prints correctly. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? After all the time to get the schedule set up the way I want it to function, I really don't want to have to redo it especially if I don't know it it will act up again.
  10. After customizing the look of the our finish schedule, I went to adjust the border lineweights and I can not get them to change. I've gone to format cell (doesn't matter if I have one or a dozen cells selected) and changed the line attribute style, clicked ok and then when I go back to check -the line style hasn't changed. I've tried everything I can think of including quitting VWs and restarting.
  11. We are having a seemingly random problem, every once in a while the Obj Info Box just stops working. You select an ojbect or objects and the Object Info Box gets stuck. ie -you select one line that is 10' long on the none class and the Obj Info Box shows 7 objects in the dimension class or you have a polygon 10'x10' stretchit 2' and the data in the Obj Info Box does'nt reflect the change. If you quit Vectorworks and restart, it works but usually once it starts messing up it does it again within the next 5-10 minutes and you have to restart again. Eventually it quits messing up. Out of about 18 computers it has happened to atleast 4. (Usually when you are under an intense deadline) All are Macs on VW12.5.2.
  12. I forgot about setting the grid angle. That certainly helps with alot things. I'll give vectordepot.com, or vectorworker.net, and vectorbits a try for the plug-in. Thanks.
  13. The xerox is a 510 Series Wide Format Copy System. Yes, I do typically have the Quartz option enabled and I think that may just be my problem. I just tried it without and it looks like that fixes the problem. What does the Quartz option do and when & why would I use it?
  14. Before upgrading to VW12, we used a plug-in VB Rotate drawing which allowed you to rotate your drawing to any angle work on it then reset it back to the way it was orginally. Very simple no need to turn on everything or add loci. It did have some issues of converting constrained dimensions to unconstrained when it reset, but the advantages out weighed the negatives. I don't remember were I got it. It doesn't work with the 12.5 Does anyone know of a way to do this in with the latest version of Vectorworks. We really used this function a great deal in 2-D drafting of multi-angle plans and now I've got a group of frustrated folks breathing down my back. Please Help!
  15. I have already done this and have checked the "print patterns at on-screen resolution". That is why I don't think this has anything to do with the "print patterns at on-screen resolution". We've already changed some things from patterns to hatches (Hatches print fine) but existing presentation plans have lots of patterns in them and there are no easy matches to hatches so it is really a big deal.


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