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  1. hello Michaelk, there was no refernce to pdf...these were native vectorworks files
  2. I seem to run into this every time I upgrade....always run into numerous problems cause sometimes I think change is dome for the sake of change and not improvements. Anyway, my problem is I do consruction drawings, need to flip an entire completed set of plans (reversed). Now vw12 (old one I was using), you just select all and flip, it was done and all I needed to do was go in and clean up a couple places where the reversed dims may be written over by text. In vw2010 seems that the constraints on dims are very particular and will not let me flip the dimensions. So far my workarounds are to find each line drawn that has a constraint and remove it (tedious) or copy the plan layer and paste but this removes the dim lines that were constrained when the drawing gets flipped. I don't really use the constrained lines feature as I've had more problems with it. It was so simple before.
  3. vectorworks 2010 on macbookpro Upgrade but been using for a couple weeks now. Suddenly now will crash upon trying to open files that it had no problem opening yesterday. reloaded vectorworks with no affect. VERY frustrating.
  4. suddenly I cannot draw lines. As i draw the line changes to a faint orange colour and disappears when I click off it. I know I must have hit some key combo for this but how do I get back to regular drawing? (update)-- ok disregard above post... stupidly set lines to "0" and didn't notice... not used to some of the new features vw2010 macbookpro (just upgraded last week)
  5. Is there any way to have the palettes have a uniform width? In particular Constraints, Attributes and Basic? The other palettes are quite flexible but these are restrictive due to the icon boxes (I know the Basic set has other options but the icons take up the least amount of space with the most information). Perhaps the white "background" of these palettes could be more kinetic like the others where you can adjust the size by clicking and moving the lower right hand corner (centering the icons within that space).
  6. Can we bring back, at least in the form of an option or toggle, the old ability of Vectorworks to show selection handles for individual lines even when the end points of multiple lines meet. Older versions of minicad and Vectorworks showed this as the endpoint handle for each line chosen was slightly offset. Currently in VW12 only one endpoint is shown if the endpoints meet. (there! I made my wish!)
  7. I just recently upgraded both Vectorworks (from v10 to v12) and my Mac (from Powerbook G4 to MacBook Pro) and noticed the same thing, I assumed it was the result of running v12 under Rosetta and will be fixed once Vectorworks is Universal.
  8. Really, REALLY, don't like the new set-up. Just tried picking out a series of 3 lines with one line touching the end points of the other two (forming a "U"). Could not tell if I picked that line or if it was the ends of the other two lines. Frustrating to think I have to organize the order in which I choose lines (couldn't choose ALL lines as there were other lines I didn't want to highlight just as I couldn't use the 2D selection tool for the same reason). Just had to vent...
  9. I don't know how many people are running on version 12 or are waiting for 12.5 to switch to the Intel Macs, but I'm guessing there's a large number of people who will find that this "improvement" is not such a leap forward. Forgetting about the larger handles, we now have that will show that the top most line of 2 or more line sitting on top of each other is highlighted or all of those lines are highlighted (still doesn't indicate which is which). Now I'm sure there must be a reason why someone needs to know this but it is beyond me why you would trade in a method of visual cues for multiple lines for a weaker one? If you needed lines on top on each other isn't that what layers and classes are for? After all. the final product (at least for me and I assume most users) is a printed version (and those multiple lines will only print as one). Why can't we at least toggle the "features" between the old and new at least? This would at least give those that need the "feature" the choice.
  10. The points DO sit on top of each other. I always have the snap to grid/points turned on. The points do not cancel each other out, they shift slightly in tne direction of the line while slightly overlapping (I've checked this out with v4, v5, v6, v7, v8, v10 and they all react the same). Again, take two lines, join them together and you'll have four handles even if the two ends of each line run into each other. I think I'm not asking for a "wish" as much as a "bring it back". Please.
  11. Okay, I think we're going backwards here. Previous versions of Vectorworks allowed one to see which lines were selected (including versions v4, v5, v6, v7, v8, and v10 - all of which I still have and running on my PowerBook G4). As an example, take 2 lines that intersect, have them "join without trim" and you have 4 lines that intersect at one point, zoom in until you can only see the intersection and not the other ends, now pick a line or two, go answer the phone and come back and look at the 4 lines - there are no cues aside from the one "handle" at the intersection and it doesn't tell you if you have one, two, three, or four lines picked (the other versions of Vectorworks/Minicad did) - my only options appear to be zoom-out or a hit-&-miss approach. Why take away what worked for over ten years?
  12. No one has any ideas? or is this just a programming flaw/ommision?
  13. It's been awhile since I've been on here but I have a question since I recently upgraded both Vectorworks (v10 to v12) and my Mac (Powerbook G4 to Macbook Pro). It's more of an annoyance than anything else. Under v10, Vectorworks would show visual cues so that you could tell which lines had been selected - an example would be two lines representing a corner; if you chose one line it would be highlighted with a small white dot at each end and if you chose both lines, the intersecting corner would show two dots at the corner. Now, in Vectorworks v12, we have a coloured dot (nice touch) at each end but only one dot representing the intersecting corner. At larger scales there is no way to tell which line has been selected unless you zoom out or play hit-and-miss. Am I missing something here. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Here's my problem: Just upgraded to Panther (Mac OSX) and Vectorworks 10.5.1b and for the life of me cannot remember how I disabled the mac command for showing/hiding the Dock so that pressing alt/apple/d opens the duplicata array command. Any help?
  15. I agree! This feature was similar in older versions of VectorWorks. At least give us the option of toggling between selecting ot deselecting.
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