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  1. It appears that the license manager and the dongle will run on Mac OS X Server Leopard (10.5). It takes a bit of making sure that the USB dongle is recognized and the correct boot startup items are running. It would be great if the HASP License Manage was recompiled to have a fat binary with both Intel and PPC versions instead of running in emulation mode. The latest versions of aksusbd and hasplm need to be used. There were a few tricks and I can post the scheme if anyone is interested. One thing to note is that the TCP communication is broken. It defaults back to UDP in every case. Specifying UDP originally can save 10 seconds on startup! Aladdin needs to get their act together and update there software to correct a few annoying things. VW need to fix their web site links so that the dongle ID checker software is downloadable instead of just hanging during the download.
  2. This has NEVER worked for us. Using Mac OS X server across subnets. It seems that the nethasp.ini file is not found and read. There is no documentation about where to put this file. The location since 12.0.1 has changed or at least is not working. From my network diagnostics it appears that VW does not even attempt to contact the server and does not know about it. I have contacted tech support twice and after being told that we will hear back shortly they do not return calls. Spending another 45 minutes on the line to hear that they will call us back is not a good use of my time. The update to 12.5 has been impossible for us. We assume that makes VW end of life software.
  3. Katie, Thanks for the quick reply! 1. I did duplicate it on mine since I am a paranoid SOB. But we are making copies of that installation and moving them around. We keep thinking that tech support will come up with a solution. 2. Does this mean that I can't have a mixture of older versions and newer ones? This is a problem getting all updated precisely at the same time. Can I mix version 11 and 12? 12 and 12.5? 11.5 and ???. Or is it only 12.0.1 that is borked? The dongle driver only needs to be updated on the server, right? Since that has the dongle. I installed (I believe the latest version). It may be that we have an old version of 12.5. Stealth upgrades!!! How is a mere mortal user supposed to know that a version is updated? Please use that extra location even if it means renaming it version 12.5.1!!! Yes the buid numbers change from 60762 to 61447 but there is no way to tell that from the download site. But even the newer version tells me that there is no active network dongle server was found. Yet, version 12.0.1 will launch and run just fine with the same nethasp.ini file.
  4. This has been driving us nuts. We have a network license for about 10 seats for Vectorworks. We have a USB dongle on a server running the license manager. This has worked fine for quite awhile. Upon upgrading to 12.5, VW now will not launch and cannot find the dongle. Those who did not upgrade can still launch VW 12.0.1 and 11.5.X. The 12.5 does not even attempt to contact the license server. (snoop on ethernet and no connection attempt). We have deleted preferences, reloaded the nethasp.ini file, installed the latest dongle network server, rebooted the server, moved the nethasp.ini file from the application folder, to /etc, moved it to /Users/name and nothing works. This is an OS X based system (10.4) for both the license server and for the clients. There are a few windows clients but they have not upgraded and are a bit hesitant since the silly updater removes the 12.0.1 version. Has ANYTHING changed in the format of the nethasp.ini file for the client? Where should the nethasp.ini file reside. It seems that the client VW 12.5 is not able to find the ini file the same way that VW 12.0.1 did.
  5. I just ran into this bug. What a mess. The default VW installation and VW Viewer have really messed up permissions. There are data files (vsd, vsm, vso) and text files with execute permissions! There are folders with no read access for other than the installation person. Totally inconsistent and weird. Libraries should not need execute permissions either. it took me an hour to go thru both the VW and VWViewer folders and get the permisssions straightened out so that all the users on that machine could use either application. VW should go thru the directory with a fine tooth comb and fix things before bundling the installer. It appears that some files are just that way since nobody has bothered to look at them. This is just sloppy QA. A simple script should be able to find all the pdf and template files and set them to world readable, group and owner writable etc.


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