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  1. I've never received a response to emails either, but I can confirm the phone works really well. Toll-free, too!
  2. I called Monday morning, spoke to Joe. After a brief confusion due to the initial purchase not being directly from NNA, and another issue with my serial number not being recognized when he typed it in, everything was resolved and he entered an order for the upgrade. I was a little puzzled that he could provide no order confirmation number or anything like that. The upgrade arrived swiftly on Wednesday, including the new manuals and a disk package with new serial number. The invoice/packing slip was printed in braille... just a note to the shipping department, when the top page comes out white, it is time to replace the ribbon.... I entered the new serial number from the disc package in the preferences and it said it was somehow linked to the original and asked me if I wanted to replace the existing number. I said yes. Then I quit and restarted VW. It showed the license for Industry, but only the Mechanial features were available. I realized that I misunderstood the previous statements on this board that the 11.5.1 installer installs all features and the serial number enables some. What actually happens is that the 11.5.1 installer installs only those features enabled by the serial number at installation time. So, I opened the disc package and started the installer therein. It found the existing 11.5.1 Mech+RW installation and offered to update it rather than install afresh. I selected that option. Then I installed the gobos from the second disc. Looks like everything worked; all the workspaces are available and I've got a bunch more manuals to read. Thanks to Alan, Katie, and Joe, this was pretty effortless.
  3. Thanks Alan, again, for taking time out on a weekend to help, and for welcoming me to the forum. Yes, I think I'll just have to wait until their phones are staffed Monday morning to get the answers I want. Well, that's not really a hardship, I guess I can't complain.
  4. alanmac, thanks for the lightning-quick response in this forum! I guess I kind of assumed what you wrote, but I was looking for some sort of confirmation from Nemetschek, or someone who has already done something like that. Some vendors have a implicit "stupidity" clause, where you end up having to pay more if you decide to upgrade later (Adobe, for one example.) I'm not clear on the procedure, either. Do I need to return these materials, or do they just send me the extra manuals and disks once they have my money? And if I need to return them, do I return them to the 3rd party vendor, or back to Nemetschek? This would be a lot easier if I could get their web site to work for me. I get all the way to the upgrade serial-number page, I entered my number, and that's when the CGI dies. Since CGI is running on their server, I don't believe for a moment that the problem is on my browser or system. Just for grins, have you tried going to the web site to see if you can query an update for yours?
  5. I couldn't order from the Nemetschek secure web site no matter what I tried (Mac and PC, multiple browsers, ISPs). Also sent an email to sales@ requesting pricing, but never got a response. So, after the usual internet searching I ended up ordering Mech+RW from novedge.com ... box appeared to ship from Nemetschek anyway. (?) Suffering buyer's remorse, wondering if I should have gone the whole Industry+RW route. Don't really think I need the Arch+Spot capability, but some of the things I'm doing by hand might be easier with them. So, I came here looking to find information on upgrading to Industry+RW from Mech+RW, particularly pricing of same, and found several references to entering one's serial number into the secure page. Well, I tried that, and the web page that comes back says: CGI Error The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers. It appears that VW pricing is a matter of National Security, because you just can't get that info out of them. So, it it isn't a violation of the Patriot Act, could somebody please post or send me a message that tells me what it would cost, and whom I order it from, to go from a two-week-old MacOS X Mech+RW to Industry+RW on the same machine?


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