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  1. I agree, this like a number of the plug-ins (e.g. stair, roof framer and doors) do need to be redesigned/made to work properly. Regards, Peter Lee | Wales UK
  2. I know, I do use the 3rd party add-ons, but basic commands like this (I think) should be incorporated in VW as standard commands. Peter Lee
  3. Whilst, on the stair configuration issue, I note that in 2D view, it does not appear possible to set a stair break using standard conventions ie. the break being indicated by showing a 45 degree splay to a broken flight (unlike VWA 11). If my understanding is correct, is this intentional, or is a bug in the programme? Regards, Peter Lee | Wales UK VWA RW V12 (Win)
  4. Nemetschek, something that has always been puzzling me ever since using VW8 - Why has VW not got 'point to point' copy and move commands? Regards, Peter Lee | Wales UK VWA & RW 12 (Win)
  5. I tend to draw not using the grid feature.... Regards Peter Lee, Wales UK
  6. It would be useful if Vectorworks had the option for an on-screen icon indicating which view mode you are working in. Regards, Peter Lee, Wales UK
  7. Our BJ-W 6400 arrived today. A1 Vectorworks drawing with lots fills and patterns plots in draft mode in about 90 second. Draft resolution quality very good. So far very impressed. Regards, Peter Lee
  8. Thank you all for your input. Ref. the HP Designjet 100 - our plotter had not been subjected to particularly heavy use in the drawing office, as most of our drawing work in the past has been plotted on A3 printers. Before purchasing the Designjet 100, we used the OfficeJet 1220 A3 printer, which proved to be extremely reliable, very robust, and is still working satisfactorily five years on. In comparison to the 1220, the durability of our Designjet 100 is most disappointing! Anyway,our office (me) has decided to try out the Canon BJ-W 6400 - I'll let you know if we have any problems........ Regards, Peter Lee PJ Lee Architect | Wales UK VW Architect & Renderworks 11.5 (Windows XP/2000)
  9. Thank you for the information. We already use a HP Designjet 100 and it has served us quite well until I started looking for a new plotter with roll feed! After 30 months use the logic board (I suspect) is now starting to play up. Our interest in the Canon BJ-W 6400 is its reported colour quality and speed of printing. Also, the inks are fade resistant. We've asked Canon Uk and our CAD dealer whether it works OK with VW 11.5 but they don't know. Good luck with your wireless connection! Regards, Peter Lee
  10. Hello,our office is looking into purchasing a Canon BJ-W 6400 A1 printer. I was wondering whether anybody has used this printer in conjunction with Vectorworks 11.5. If so, please could you let me know if you have experienced any problems? (eg driver compatability). Thank you in anticipation, Peter Lee Architect, Wales UK. VW Architect 11.5, Windows XP.


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