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  1. Well, It seems that a new mouse did the trick. I don't really understand why since I tried a different mouse that didn't have a scroll wheel. Perhaps because I didn't restart when I hooked up the second mouse, something that I did when I bought the new mouse. Thanks for your input Pat!
  2. You may be on to something with the keyboard. After I posted this, I was using photoshop and found that in photoshop it would zoom if I held down the option button and this is something that it never did before. I did restart the computer a couple times as well as reinstalling VW2017 SP3. I just bought a new mouse and am starting up VW right now.
  3. Suddenly today Vectorworks is doing something that I can't work with. If I hold the cursor over the document it zooms in constantly. I can't make it stop unless I hover over one of the tool palettes or menu bar. The second I put the curser back on the document it starts zooming. It does this on design layers, perspective views, even sheet layers. I tried restarting several times and it still does it. I thought that perhaps it was the scroll wheel on the mouse which I use to zoom, soI tried using a different mouse without a scroll wheel and it still zoomed. I tried unclicking the zoom mouse wheel preference and it moves horizontally instead of zooming, but again I can't control it. This happens on every file that I have tried, even my template. I then tried reinstalling SP3. It still does this. I can't work like this, so any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jason
  4. Thanks Jonathan. I actually tried that already, but I forgot the = sign so it didn't calculate anything. This makes sense now.
  5. Can someone explain to me if there is an easy way to calculate roof area (other than creating a polygon from the roof face and adjusting it for roof pitch). Also, is there a way to create a schedule of roof faces that would include the areas. I need to do this for roofing material, and roof sheathing take-offs. Thanks.
  6. In the OIP for framing member I have added a custom structural use "wood floor truss" which displays fine in the OIP. However when I update my worksheet all of the framing members which are identified with "wood floor truss" show a "0" for structural use. The standard structural uses, "joist", "rafter" etc... all come in fine. How do I create a custom "structural use" for a framing member that will read as such in the corresponding worksheet? Thanks.
  7. I figured out how to get the sum button active and I dropped it on the width column and that did the trick. Thanks Wes!
  8. The sum button is always greyed out as our the ordering buttons. How do I sum (or actually un-sum) several of the columns independent of the summed label column?
  9. I am trying to create a framing member take off in a worksheet. I am summarizing my list by label, in other words I have all of the 2"x10" x 16' summarized together with a quantity. Can anyone tell me how to create columns in the work sheet that don't summarize along with the label? The issue I am having is that the columns for width, length, span etc... are adding up all of the widths of the members. I want the column for widths to read 1 1/2" however if I have 30 sticks of lumber it is giving me a width of 45". How do I correct this without having to list each stick of lumber independently? Thanks. sample worksheet.pdf
  10. Thanks Wes, That makes a lot of sense. It doesn't seem to be working though. What I think you are saying here (let me know if I have something wrong) is set each object pen style to "class style", leaving the pen color that I prefer in my design layer and change the associated class color to black in the organization tab. I then click the "class overrides" and/or "class visibility" for the viewport. This is what I am doing and the lines are still displaying in viewport in the colors assigned to them on the design layer. Do I have something wrong here. Thanks, Jason
  11. I really like the new feature where I can assign a hatch to a rendering texture which makes drawing elevations much easier. There is one thing I can't figure out though. I would like the lines of the objects to be black and the hatches to be grey or colored. If I select the view port to be black and white it draws the hatches in black instead of the grey that I prefer. If I leave the black and white option unchecked the hatches will read properly in grey, however the pen colors show as the pen colors assigned to the object. Is there a way to get the pen colors to read black and the hatches grey in a viewport without having to change the pen color of all the objects to black? Thanks, Jason
  12. I have been working on a model of a house for several days. I had all the walls fit to the roofs nicely, i.e.: all the gable walls were peaked etc.... Then today after changing a view all of the walls are now flat on top and projecting through the roof surface. I now can't get the walls to fit to the roof surface anymore they just stay at the same height and flat on top. Nothing has changed on the roof layer, so I am not sure what is going on here. Anyone else hear of this problem before and know of any way to correct the issue? Thanks. By the way I am using VW2013 SP2
  13. That does help, although I must say it's not all that intuitive. Thanks.
  14. Can someone please tell me how to override the data that comes into a door schedule. I have clicked on the data base header and cleared the formula, however I only end up with blank cells that I can't put a figure into. I basically want to create a column that I can put my own text into similar to the comments column, but it doesn't allow me to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jason
  15. I have been receiving frequent crashes in VW2012, usually during a task that is not heavy memory use, such as moving around on the screen, or using the mouse wheel to zoom in. Recently I noticed that it seems to do this while time machine is in the middle of a backing up. Has anyone else noticed this? Perhaps there is some conflict with time machine. Jason VW2012 SP1 IMac 24" 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM Mac OS 10.5.8 ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro
  16. I'm thinking there might be some conflict with "time machine" on mac. Has anyone else heard of this problem or experienced it. It seems that when I get the spinning beachball of death it is when time machine is doing a back up. Jason VW2012 Architect + Renderworks Mac OSX 10.58 IMac 2.4Ghz intel core duo 4 GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM
  17. I am working in VW2012 and have a door schedule that I want to order by door number. When I created the worksheet the doors were in a random number. I have tried to drag the order tile, but it seems to be greyed out and wont drag onto any cell or column. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks. Jason Imac 24" 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Mac OSX 10.5.8 VW 2012 Designer w/ Renderworks
  18. I am getting frequent crashes when using vw2012 as well. I'm working on a mac and I will get the spinning beach ball of death and the only way to get out of it is to force quit the application. This is happening WAY to often, sometimes once an hour, and usually happens while doing a non intensive task such as moving around on the screen. Anyone knows what is causing this and how to fix it? Jason VW2012 Architect + Renderworks Mac OSX 10.58 IMac 2.4Ghz intel core duo 4 GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM
  19. I am new to Vectorworks 2012 and just getting up to speed. When I create my elevations in a viewport, I want to use hidden line rendering in the viewport. My problem is that when I do this I can see through my windows to the interior objects which I don't want to see in my exterior elevations. I am assuming that I have some setting wrong, but I can't figure it out. The glass is set to class: "glazing style 1" and that class is active for the viewport. Any suggestions would be helpful, I'm sure there must be a way of doing this without creating glass that is a solid. Thanks.
  20. I solved the problem, and will mention it here in case anyone else had done what I had done. When working in 12.1 I had edited my vectorscript plug-ins for windows and doors to modify the information that showed up in my schedules. Now using 12.5 I went into the vectorscript editor and noticed that I had two vectorscript plug-ins each for door and window. After deleting one of each my window and door settings panels work fine.
  21. pete, I am using VW 12.5 on a mac running mac OS 10.3.9. As far as the window tool, I am just using the standard place window tool. I run into the problems when I click on the settings tab. All of the problems seem to occur when in the settings window environment. Otherwise it seems to work ok.
  22. I am having huge problems with the PIO window tool as well since upgrading to 12.5 I was never totally happy with the options for the window tool before, but now it doesn't even work like it was supposed to. Two problems of note: one, when inputting dimensions in the settings window, after typing the first character it highlights the whole box so when I put the next character in the first character disappears ie: want to type 24" wide window, type 2, then 4, and I get a 4" window, never seen this before. And the custom sash option just doesn't work at all. I type in how many rows I want and it gives me a ridiculous ht. and wd. to start with, .077" and am unable to change, then click on the next button and get the spinning beach ball of death and have to force quit the program. did this on existing file as well as a new file with just a window in a wall. anyone else out there having similar problems?
  23. I recently upgraded to VW 12.5 and since have been having problems plotting. I am plotting to an HP Designjet 455cm and using Mac OS 10.3.9. When I send a drawing to the plotter it takes hours to process before it prints (where it used to take several minutes) and sometimes it doesnt print at all. Has anyone else experienced this with this upgrade, and does anyone have any suggestions into fixing this problem. Thanks, Jason
  24. Thanks Robert that works pretty well. How come one can use a patterned pen with an extrude but not a patterned fill?
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