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  1. Sorry for the multiple posts, I was originally told from VW I could only sell my license in Canada. Not the case. Message me if interested, thanks
  2. Its 2012 with renderworks that's been upgraded to 2013
  3. No longer need it, message me if interested.
  4. Got this message while trying to import a dwg, then the same file as a dwx. Teigha library error. This dwg version is a version. You can only import dwg up to version 2012
  5. Hi guys, I've always had a little trouble with this. I've made my ref. view port, but I'm not able to find the plan in the view port... I'm usually able to track it down, but this time I can't. How do I avoid this, Thanks
  6. How do I set the precision for custom dimensions?
  7. Yes, option click will duplicate, but I didn't highlight all my floor plans and elevations plus view ports and option click them! Thanks for the link, I'll check it out
  8. Looks like it was doubled in the source file... how does that happen? And is there anyway to get rid of the doubles?
  9. Also, now I'm unable to open all files with 2012.... and there is no export option to 2012 in 2013.
  10. Just opened a 2012 file in 2013 and it has doubled all my lines (stacked) Even the view ports are doubled? Is there a way to fix this other then deleted one line at a time?
  11. Slightly off topic, I've been trying to find a post that laid out a 3d workflow with vectorworks, but have been unsuccessful. I know they're a bunch of different methods and I'm interested in seeing them. The one I've been trying to find was only doing the roofing sheathing in 3d... every other part was an extrude. Ring a bell? Also, revit looks to be around 5700 msrp and up if you were interested
  12. Well when is revit going to figure it out and become mac compatible!? (autoCAD too!)
  13. Revit sounds great for large projects that have many people/trades involved. It should be (if not already) the standard for that scale of work. My history with Vectorworks (which is brief compared to some of you!) is that only contractors, small and sometimes medium sized firms use it... yes, because of the cost. But it works. Do you guys feel that vectorworks progression has become minimal? I think over the next few years they'll figure it out..
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