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  1. Is there any way to set this up? Just full of questions aren't I - 8-) tfyh Buz
  2. Not sure what is going on here. I have an extruded rectangle which I duplicated an array down the 'y' axis and then took those objects and duplicated across the -x axis. (Pier blocks for a deck) For the layout I needed to delete a few extraneous ones and move a few others. there are about 33 of these objects - all in the same layer and class. A few of the last ones created will not select by clicking nor will they snap to. They will select by dragging a marquee. At issue is that they will not snap to. It's probably simple - but I cannot grasp the problem here. tfyh Buz
  3. I was very used to the comm = shortcut for align/distribute, but it doesn't seem to work in VWA 9.5 Is there any known bug here? tfyh Buz
  4. I asked in the 'general' discussion group here and was given one. Thank you for the reply.
  5. thank you for the clarification re: the 'it will be added'. quote: Architect allows for a truss to be created from a command. (a roof truss) Not sure I understand. 'allows'? I have not seen a command for a truss. Am I missing something somewhere? Have searched rather extensively as well through the manuals and help docs to no avail. tfyh Buz
  6. Does anyone know of a script that will turn all classes on? Useful for finding 'lost' objects. tfyh Buz
  7. Is it possible to change the default settings for PIO's. I find often three or more settings that I would leave alone if they were diffrent from the default setting. Would be a real time saver if these defaults could be manipulated. tfyh Buz
  8. There are a few applications out there whose palettes dock to (usually) the right side or bottom of the screen by control/command clicking on them. Then clicking on them in their docked position 'springs' them to from whence they came. Could be a neat feature for the OIP, RP and OBP. Kinda on fire with all kinds of GREAT suggestions eh? LOL Buz
  9. I see back in august of 2001 a truss PIO was 'wished' for and a reply said 'good suggestion' 'it will be added'. Wonder what happened? Re-up-ping the wish for a truss PIO. Buz
  10. Occassionally I want all my classes on to help find missing objects - sure would be nice to have a short cut feature button that would automatically turn them all on. Yay? ....... Nay?
  11. I dragged the wall, door, windows and all from the plan. Redrew the wall, installed new windows and door. This time the OB PIO for the french door was no problemn at all. Something was seriously corrupted. Re my post above, is 40000 min and 59000 preferred enough memory for VWA 9.5.2
  12. Well - the situation is degrading seriously here. The door in question is a 'door in wall' according to the OIP. The French door was never used as i couldn't get it to 'break the wall'. I want to try the suggestions given on using the OB french door, but now I can't drag the original door from the wall. When selected the OIP refers to it as a 'door in wall', but dragging on it shows the image of the door moving with the cusor but when dropped the door is still where it was - in the wall. I cannot alter any OIP settings regarding this door - any time I change a setting VW crashes. Other doors and windows in the drawing do not behave like this. They can be removed and alterewd via the OIP freely. For what it's worth, each time I restart after a crash, my first attempt at 'grabbing' the offending door, I come away with a piece of the wall which blanks the wall to the right of the door and skews the rest of the wall. A simple comm-Z gets me back but then the games begin, door won'y drag out nor can I use OIP with 'this' door. Very strange behavior here. What happens if I dump my VWA prefs? How much formating/settings will I loose. Guess it depends on how much formating I've done - eh? I have zapped pram and rebuilt the desktop twice this afternoon as a result of the crashes. Oh and I alloted another jag of ram to VWA 40,000 min and 59000 preferred. Is this enough? Signed: Up a tree with too much to do.
  13. I have had no difficulty using the door and window tools from the pallet. However, the OB seems to be causing me some difficulty, but will work with the suggestions given and see what happens - will post back results. tfyh
  14. Using these french doors as an example - I'm wondering why they do not cut the wall where inserted? ....... ....... and, is there a method of making them cut the wall? tfyh Buz
  15. The two layers were indeed diff scales, but after changing them to a common scale the show snap others and show snap modify others still do not work. Mac OS 9.2.1; VWA 9.5.2; Mac G4 450 and 256 mram edit: Feel pretty stupid sometimes - the layers were not the same view either. Works fine when the scale and view matches. Thanks for you help [ 07-09-2002: Message edited by: buz ]
  16. Found this thread - seemed to speak to my problem so reactivated it. I have four layers visible and show snap modify others selected and yet - only the active layer can be snapped to. Whats with this? It's a far cry from modify others when i can't even snap to others. Everything I have read says this is not how it's intended to work. tfyh
  17. I see the 3d Power Pack is working fine - it's not a matter of launching an application, it's a workspace within VW. Working with the various suggestions I find one of my basic difficulties in working with VW. Not knowing what the ramifications will be down the road of using one method or another. For instance, could there be a problem with having half my joists 'grouped' as a solid addition. It seems as though when I make the joists a solid addition, it's kind of like 'groupng' them, the difference being they cannot be 'ungrouped'.
  18. I am using VW 9.5 and have yet to work with the 3d Power Pack. I suppose it's time to take a look at it. Once I tried taking a look at it and got some message that it wasn't installed properly - so will have to look at that as well. tfyh
  19. Is there a way ......... I have a batch of extruded rectangles showing a joist layout (duplicate array) on 16" centers. They are square to each other at one end but at the other cross a 45? guide line where i want to cut them. I know I can cut them individually with another extruded shape and subtract solids, but is there a way to cut the 'batch' all at once? Or is there a better way? tfyh Buz
  20. Thanks Matthew - have Janis' books for VW8.5 - thought maybe Baer's may be more involved with Arch standards etc. Oh well - onward and upward .......
  21. duplicate msg deleted - oops! [ 06-25-2002: Message edited by: buz ] [ 06-25-2002: Message edited by: buz ]
  22. So you created the rafters in the 'none' class>then via obj info switched them to 'rafters' class. Now, with none class selected the rafters are visible, but the obj info palette says they are assigned to 'rafters' class? Do I understand the situation? Not sure I can help but am willing to give it a shot. Also, try this: In classes dialog, turn all classes on, close dialog box and then scroll (Use the up down arrow keys - shortcut) through your layers till the rafters are visible. See where that gets you.
  23. Thanks Mat - I've read your reply and see the 'gist' of what you are saying. will have to re-read it a few times - feel free to ....... go on and on - :-) I'm not new to VW but very new to VW Arch. My drawings are just enough to show a building inspector/planning dept to pull permits. A bit crude to put it mildly. The 'gist' of my question is in the hopes of creatng more 'professional' looking drawings. Thanks for the reply
  24. Maybe the question isn't clear. What i would like to learn is - after creating a detail or section, I would like to know how the markers are labeled to reference the sheets containing the section line or detail. Most of them are a circle with a number/letters above and a number/letters below - what do these refer to? In the school of hard knocks, but figuring it out piece by piece. tfyh
  25. In your classes dialog box - is your new class 'rafters' visible?
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