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  1. A quick update - by adjusting some of the texture opacity I've managed to remove the white grid lines through some of textures (the lawn areas and landscape planting areas). But I can't seem to fix in the hardscape textures. Updated image below. I have no idea why the white lines are printing through the hardscape textures. They don't appear on the file when I view as a sheet layer in Vectorworks. But only appear after I publish to PDF.
  2. Thanks Pat. On the terrace, the paved path, the landscape area to the right and the lawn there are white grid lines running through the texture. They shouldn't be there and aren't showing the vectorworks file, but appear when I print the document. This has happened before and I have no idea why. They disappear when I print the file rasterized. But the text and other aspects of the file don't look good when tick the rasterize option.
  3. Afternoon Does anyone know why my documents publish with these lines? Is it something to do with using image files in top plan view? I've published this file with the rasterize button unchecked as rasterizing leads to lower quality text. When I rasterize these lines don't appear. Any help appreciated. Many thanks. Emma
  4. I'm having these issues with the Renderworks Camera tool too. I set up a view, click into 'Fine Tune Camera View' and it takes me to top view, not the view I created.
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