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  1. We were impressed with the furniture shown in the plans which can be viewed here:http://www.nemetschek.net/gallery/show_image.php?id=2183ℑ=large does anyone know if these are hidden in the VW libraries or where we can find them?
  2. Quicktime version 7.2 installed. My wireless logitech doesn't work, nor does the wired standard usb dell mouse. The only mouse in the office where the wheel zoom works is on the very small wireless microsoft laptop mouse. All these work fine in other programs and in VW12.5. This would appear to be a problem with the VW2008 install.
  3. How annoying is the rotated rectangle tool! CCroft has the right idea that there is a check box which allows you to use this tool like the old rectangle tool.
  4. have now tried a new install and still no mouse zoom or nudge
  5. big sigh. There is a time difference here.
  6. VW now won't start without me re-entering the serial number. I've taken the laptop home to work on some drawings due to be presented to the client tomorrow morning and don't have the serial number here.
  7. No, wouldn't know how to delete registry keys. This has been installed today and since starting for the first time, the mouse zoom has not worked. The nudge also does not work.
  8. Thanks Katie but both these items are checked and is not working as it should. The scroll bars weren't turned on previoulsy but this has not made any difference.
  9. I've also checked the box for ctrl & arrow to nudge objects. This isn't working either. V12.5 is still installed on this machine and both these functions are still working there.
  10. no, I assume you mean the check box under the 'display' tab in VW preferences. This is not checked.
  11. I've just installed VW2008 and cannot get my mouse scroll wheel to work on zoom. I've tried the options under VW preferences and have checked the logitech mouse driver for the scroll wheel option. It worked fine this morning in VW12.5 but not in the upgraded version. Any fixes? I don't want to press the shift or option button but would rather the wheel controlled the zoom on its own. The wheel doesn't zoom with these buttons pressed either.
  12. we upgraded our third office workstation to VW architect 11.5 from 10.5 last Thursday and have been unable to use the workstation (running XP pro SP2) since. On startup we get the blue screen of death listing Hardlock.sys as the offending file which we believe from our web research is associated with the Aladdin dongle driver. Help has not yet been forthcoming from the reseller or the UK distributer and we're at the end of our patience. Despite removing VW11.5 using uninstall we're still not able to start up the computer without getting a blue screen or starting it in safe mode. Any help would be appreicated. Bloody dongles!
  13. I need to get the stair break to work on a stair going down also but don't see how the flipping of the stair worked. I've tried all possible configurations but see the stairs in VW11.5 are still only configured to break properly when shown going 'up' from a floorplan. Any suggestions?
  14. what would be great is if you were typing in VW and the text goes off the screen it would automatically start the next line, instead you have to zoom out to see the rest or hit enter, which when it comes to changing the size of the text box after it's been typed, means you have to go through and delete all the new line entries.
  15. We often have to install staircases in our drawings which have stairs on the turn, i.e. say three stairs which lead the staircase around a 90deg turn. There are building regulations attached to these which make it difficult to do manually and the vw stair tool is not capable of doing this. for example, the angles stairs cannot be narrower than the other stairs in the flight, when measured in the centre of the tread, the tread depth cannot be less than that of the rest of the flight, and the narrow end of the tread cannot be less than 50mm. Is there anyway the stair tool can be adapted in future upgrades to enable us to draw turned staircases? We sometime have turns top and bottom if space is really tight.
  16. TomIn, did you find a satisfactory outcome to this. We are having a real nightmare with these crappy dongles and our laptops and after several threads on this forum we are no further forward. Any advice would be greatly appreciatred.
  17. I seem to remember reading somewhere in the Vectorworks licence that it can be in installed on more than one machine at a time but may only be used on one machine. This is where the dongle comes in, you can only plug it into one machine at a time. I may be completely wrong here though.
  18. alanmac, just read the thread you'd linked me to. My god, if these are the problems we can experience with the dongles, in addition to the headaches we've already experienced, I'm ready to drop VW. There must be another solution to the security question. Have NNA signed some long term agreement with Aladin? If we get more problems, we certainly don't want to be passed between NNA and Aladin for advice. One day without one CAD licence working costs us hundreds of pounds.
  19. PLEASE NNA, GET RID OF THE DONGLES!!!!! Drop aladdin and concentrate on the great produce which Vectorworks clearly is. I've been experiencing numerous problems with these annoying red glowing devices and had hoped we'd be able to sort them out. However, having read the above threads, I'm kinda convinced this is going to persist into the future. We are already looking at alternatives to Vectorworks for our practice (which is a real shame as we love the programme) and it looks like we'll not be sticking with it...
  20. I use an Acer Travelmate 8003LMi and have given up on using the desktop in the office. I would make it very clear that to use a laptop with the dongle is an absolute nightmare. We've already lost one (and it costs approx ?120 to replace and took us over 10 days to receive a new one) and the replacement dongle, sticking out the side of the laptop took a knock and had to be glued back together wtih superglue. Please bear this in mind. As with CEA, I used to use two 19' monitors in the office and now purely use the laptop display. Somehow, I don't miss the larger displays. Strange huh?
  21. mike m oz, we've lost a dongle already on site in France. It cost us approx ?120 to replace and took over ten days to deliver after ordering it from the UK distibuters. This meant from the two Vectorworks installations we have, only once could be used. In a small practice such as ours, this was crippling and could easily have sent us under. Ten days of lost production effectively. alanmac, I'm using VW11.5 and it is still a problem. Get rid of the dongle is the only solution I can think of. It really is putting us off the product, which is a shame for NNA as we are a growing practice and will soon be looking to purchase an additional liscences. We're already looking at competitors purely for this reason.
  22. another gripe to add to my list of problems with the dongles: using my laptop, when it awakes from its sleep, Vectorworks claims there is no valid dongle installed and closes. This happens almost everytime and is extremely annoying. I've heard there is a non-dongle version of VW. Anyone having this same problem or know anything about the non-dongle version.
  23. I had to reinstall several times, it eventually worked but not until we'd wasted 5 hours of CAD time. Dongles....... sick of them. The daft thing is, I downloaded the updated HASP dongle drivers and tried to install them to be told the existing driver post dates the new one!
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