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  1. Alright I was able to fix the problem, just so if anyone else has issues after a clean install of Windows XP SP2 the problem arises from DEP (Data Execution Prevention) a new feature for XP SP2, Aladdin was nice enough to send me a workaround to get the Dongle Driver install correctly. Regarding your question, compatibility with SP2: The workaround is to change the boot.ini by: 1. Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\ 2. Choose Folder Options from the Tools menu. 3. In the View tab, uncheck "Hide protected operation system files (recommended)" and click OK. 4. Now you'll see in C:\ the file 'boot.ini'. Right click on it and choose Properties. Uncheck the Read-only attribute and click OK. 5. Open the boot.ini file in Notepad and change the "/noexecute=OptIn" to "/noexecute=AlwaysOff". Save the file. 6. Restart the machine. 7. Install the HASP driver. 8. Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\ 9. Choose Folder Options from the Tools menu. 10. In the View tab, check "Hide protected operation system files (recommended)" and click OK This shuts off the DEP so the drivers can properly access the hardware and/or registry(I think)...I'm no expert. In any case it works. Could someone make a admin aware of this post, so other users won't run into this issue when they upgrade to SP2? -John
  2. I just recently did a clean install of Win XP Pro SP2 on a new computer I built, installed Vectorworks 10.5.1 and let Windows Update find the most recent driver for my dongle. Now when I start VW it gives me a 'Vectorworks requires that up-to-date dongle drivers be installed. Please install the drivers and relaunch Vectorworks' I attempted a re-install of VW, downloaded and attempted the isntall the dongle drivers from www.ealaddin.com, but keep getting a installation crash (the same crash that plauged the HASP drivers when XP was first released) Even stranger is an install of VW on my labtop was fine, (Win XP Home SP1) Is the HASP Dongle Drivers and/or VW incompatible with SP2? Could it be a USB problem?
  3. I am, and well, after installing Vectorworks 10.5.1, it keeps telling me to update my dongle driver, so no luck for me. Can anyone help me?
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