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  1. Does anyone know if VW 2014 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.11?
  2. I recently installed 2014 SP5 on my computer and have found the the dynamic zoom functions of the mouse and trackpad no longer work. I have looked around the help and mouse functions in preferences and can't find a reason why this shouldn't work. Has anyone else had this problem that could point me in the right direction? Thanks
  3. I was wondering if there is a way to lock a worksheet when placed in a drawing so that bottom of the worksheet is fixed and additional data forces the worksheet to grow upwards instead of downwards. I see that it works with the parts template in Designer but I can't find anywhere that tells me how I can do that with a custom worksheet. Anyone done this before? Thanks
  4. I talked to VW and 3D Connection about the problem when I was evaluating VW 2011 and each one is pointing at the other. I doesn't look like anyone wants to do anything to fix it. So the people that bought hardware on good faith that it would be continued to be supported are now stuck with an expensive paper weight. This is why I haven't bothered upgrading from VW 2009
  5. Thanks Pat for commenting. I noticed that some of the VW templates locked at the bottom but could not find how to do it either. My concern with the aligning was I have an area on my drawing where a matrix (worksheet) has to fit perfectly or it looks unsightly. The only way to align - that I have found, it to open up the worksheets change the column widths, close out check the alignment and repeat if it is not right. I was hoping there was a quicker way.
  6. I have had to develop my own parts list worksheet as the ones within VW did not have the information that I needed. In my industry parts lists work up eg. item 1 at bottom with items 2 above it and so on. My problem is: The worksheet is locked in my drawing at the top LH corner. When I add a new part to the drawing and I recalculate the parts list the worksheets added the additional line at the top of the worksheet but the worksheet physically moves down in the drawing, covering the items below. Is there any way to lock the worksheet in a other location? In my case the lower left corner would be ideal? Also is there an easier way to align worksheets in the drawing than having to continually open the worksheets, adjust the column and rows close the worksheet, view it in the drawing and then repeat again until it actually aligns - if it does. Thank you for your help Balus.
  7. Frank, Why hasn't this multi-line linked text been resolved yet???? This has been a problem now for over two years that I know of and has been reported as a problem back in 2008 with VW2009. "Re: Fundamental, Multi-line field in custom Title Block" The manuals say that this can be done yet it doesn't work and Vectorworks to my knowledge has done nothing to resolve it. This is a huge for allowing good automation for a lot of people as evidenced by the look of the additional posts since 2008 . What has be done to get this resolved?????
  8. I have had a Space Navigator PE now for almost a year and for the most part love it but I do not use it often as most of my work is in 2D. I have notice lately that I have lost the zoom and pan functions on the unit which kind of defeat the purpose of the 3D mouse. I have the latest software versions and drivers for the mouse and these functions are activated on the 3D connexion control panel. I am still able to tilt/spin/and roll and if I use it on another supported software like Google Earth zoom and pan are available. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to restore this functionality? Thanks for you help. By the way, this loss of functionality happened long before I upgraded to snow leopard.
  9. I am not sure what Vaultfile is but I don't think so. How would I know if I had that on? My drawing did fine for the first 1/2 hour this morning but has gone back to the drawing flickering again. Thanks
  10. Yes I do, as well as anti-aliasing. I turned both of those off to see it that made any difference. Didn't do anything for the issue. Did turn my computer off all last night and turned it on again this morning, drawings appear to be OK now. Very weird. Any suggestions?
  11. I have been having a problem with VW 2009 where the program will not refresh (the drawing will go completely black or the lines and text become very irratic and disjointed)the only solution I had found is to zoom in and zoom out to get it to refresh the display. I have found that the problem has become more and more common and harder and harder to resolve to the point where today after using VW all day yesterday and a good part of today the drawing just flickers at me constantly and you are not able to use the program at all. I have tried shutting down VW and the computer itself and neither of these things seem to work. My files are not big as they are all 2D an I have done a check on my computer memory and CPU load and I am using almost nothing but VW is going nuts. I do not have any problems with any other programs, even graphic intensive ones. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could do. Thanks very much for your help.
  12. I have all my symbols in one file and the record is attached to the symbol. I do attach the records to the symbols through the resource browser. Do you have a separated record for each symbol or do you use the same record for all your symbols?
  13. I have a need to be able to attach equipment information to a symbol permanently. What I mean is in any drawing I import the symbol to, the data in the Record will remain the same and not change to the default values. At this time I can't find an option to lock data permanently. I want to be able to have a permanent list of parts which my designers can access which will be consistant and transferable to a BOM. This will reduce my design time considerably. Right now, as it stands, the best I can do is attach a parts record to the symbol which will have the default record information. When I import a symbol the default record information is attached. I can change the record information and import that into my BOM. I can copy that symbol throughout the same file without any issue but if I want to use this symbol with this specific information in another file it the record reverts to it's default information and I am force to enter the information again which result in errors or inconsistency in the BOM. I have even try copy and past with symbols, the data still reverts back to the default. Is there another option to lock this information down and still be retrievable in a BOM. Look forward to your input.
  14. I just want to bring to VW's attention that there is a loss of function with the Edit Record Format. In VW12.5 the was a way of moving a field up or down the list to a more desirable position. (See screen shot). In VW2009 this function is no longer available. Even thought VW2009 help says that it is still available. (See next 2 screen shots). I used this function all the time in 12.5 and would like to have this function back before VW2010 if possible. Thank you
  15. Thank you, I was kind-of hoping it was something I was doing.
  16. DWorks Thank you for your input. Either one of these options would be acceptable but I can't seem to get them to work. I will try and describe what I did so you can catch my mistake. I am just going to discuss the "title" text in my title block. I open my title block symbol to edit. I set my title using multi-line text by using the bounding box feature of the text. I enter my text using Horizontal and Vertical "Centered". I enter "Wiring Diagram" and ensure that the text is located in the center of the box where I want it. The text width is set to 5.12" and "wrap text" I attach the text to the record for title and verify that the text width and "wrap text" are still set correctly. Close the title block symbol. (See Test 2-1) I open the title block symbol for edit again and find the text width for the title has now changed to the actual with of the text (2.046")but the "text wrap" is still selected on. I correct the text width and close and then reopen the symbol. It reverts back to actual width of the text entered.(See Test 2-1) I exit out of the symbol and enter text in the correct data field on the OIP. I type in text as shown and the text still does not wrap. I also tried entering "Return" and "Enter" to make the text move to the next line but it just moves down to the next record. I tried every combination of "Return" and "Enter" I could think of to back the text jump to the next line but it wouldn't do it eg. ("shift/return","control/return","option/return" etc.). No joy. Any suggestions?
  17. Wes, I can do that also. The problem is that in the title block the text will not wrap. It appears that there is nothing to tell the record that when it reaches a certain point the text must drop to the next line. Hope this explains my dilemma a little better. I have some images that will explain what I am talking about better but I haven't worked out how to attach them to the reply. If anyone can give me a tip on this I will attach them. Thank you.
  18. In the Help for 2009 there is section under Fundamental that is called "Creating a Custom Title Block in Vectorworks Fundamental". In step 3 it makes mention that while you are creating the record format you can add a (#) after the 'field name' to create a multi-line field. I have tried everything I can and don't seem to be able to make any field in a record multi-line without pasting in a carriage return where I want the text to move to the next line (very tedious as I have to edit this particular line to text often). Is there something I am missing? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  19. Batch Print needs to be a standard for Fundamentals as this enhances VW productivity over its competitors. For those of us that want the easy use of VW without all the bells and whistles. This should be something that this is standard on all version. Productivity should not be compromised when all the other add-ons are not required.
  20. I can't believe that Fundamental has been locked out of batch PDF or even PDF. In this day and age this should be a standard. This is where VW has excelled over AutoCAd. Very disappointing, this deficiency needs to be rectified.
  21. I will try what you suggested and see what happens. I doesn't happen in any other text in the drawing. Very strange. I do have 12.5.3. Sorry, I forgot to change my signature block. Thanks for your help will let you know what I find.
  22. I have had a problem with Vector works in this one drawing where when I go to edit some test on the face of my drawing the program will just shut down. I was doing it occasionally but now it happens all the time. Have moved the test to another class and the problem is still there. I can add new text no problem but when I go to edit is when I have the problem. I thought it might be a memory thing but the file is smaller than some of my other files and they (at this time, do not appear to be having this problem. Has anyone else seen this problem? It has been very frustrating and I don't know what else to do? Thank you for your help.
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