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  1. Does a Hebrew font in Windows occupy the same character space as another 8-bit font? If so, then I understand.
  2. You are using VW and including Hebrew text in your drawings? If so, how?
  3. I don't know about AutoCAD, but Unicode has become an undisputed necessity, by world user consensus. All other software is growing to depend on the assumption that Unicode is there. Making users create special fonts will soon doom Vectorworks to obsolete status. A temporary workaround is to create the wanted text in another application and paste it into a VW drawing as a picture, but don't expect users to tolerate the need for that workaround long. It's true that you can include Unicode characters in text objects while editing, and even select and copy them, but the moment the object's edit mode is exited VW converts each Unicode character to its 16-bit representation as if it were 2 8-bit characters. And the copied text, if pasted back into the drawing as a picture, contains unusable renditions of the Unicode characters (such as 20% of the proper size). So, if Nemetschek decides not to adopt Unicode soon, let me know and I'll short the company's stock.
  4. In installing VW Industry Collection Student Edn under OS X I have seen 2 items of information that appear to be incorrect. One is information about the dongle saying that the dongle that works under OS X has "HASP4" printed on it. Mine has "HASP", not "HASP4", on it, but it works. The other is a message at the end of the installation saying that gobo something wasn't installed and should be installed from its installation CD. Since there is no such CD in my product, I believe the installation routine shouldn't tell me to do that subsequent installation.


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