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  1. I too have posted about VW11.0 being slow on WinXP. Slow redraw, slow on deleting items etc. and the only answer from NNA was check my video card. I have all new cards, latest drivers etc and problem still exists. Only happens with VW11.0 and no other programs so how can it be a hardware problem. Tom VW11.0 WinXP/SP2
  2. Jim, I agree with to some extent but some of the questions I have raised, about what I feel are serious issues, have fallen on deaf ears as far as I am concerned. Just look at the chatter on this topic alone. Has anyone from NNA chimed in?? No, because we are addressing a flaw in the software, plain and simple. You should be able to edit like symbols using the OIP, simple as that. Truly a no-brainer. Is this going to be addressed in future releases?? Is anyone from NNA even going to look at it?? These are the questions to topics that will remain unanswered. This is my pet peeve! If nothing is ever going to be done with, tell us either way. Enough rambling.......back to work.. Tom in PA
  3. I tried as Rick suggested above and the 'click'click' method works in a fashion. Going to 'click-drag' and the tool does not work at all. I find this one of the most cumbersome 'improvements' to date. Even when it does work, as jan15 states above, you still have to pull it into position. My other programs, including old VW8.6, you just select the boundary and click anywhere on the line to extend instead of this 'line up the crosshair and drag' scenario. Operation of a tool like 'Extend' should be an industry standard in operation to eliminate this tool fiasco. Oh...excuse me , we now call it Connect/Combine for some reason. Maybe this tool does not work on WinXP?? I have had many problems on WinXP that seems to affect only me lately, Tom
  4. Thank You, I am not alone.... You are right. You should be able to adjust text with the OIP just as you can adjust text on some PIO symbols. Where did the simple tools go, such as old leader line, old extend tool which worked very well, old revision cloud tool which you adjust size by grabbing corner and re-sizing, where now you have to delete and redraw. And the list goes on...... Tom
  5. Another one in limbo without an answer.......! Well........back to the top we go. Any help with this tool?? I have since had this tool malfunction in a number of ways from text mis-positioning, width of text box changing from the default of 2" to 0 in the same session, horizontal alignment doing what it feels like even when set on 'Auto' etc. This thing needs a good looking at. Tom in PA
  6. Here I am back in limbo on page 3 with nary a comment from the NNA group.........again! Tom
  7. Here's the point.. The Drawing Label Symbol can be editted for 3 different areas of text using the OIP. Room Name Symbol can be editted in two different lines of text. Reference Marker, Section Marker and Detail marker also contain text just like the Dwg label Symbol but none of the can be editted using the OIP. Why would you be able to one symbol and not the others. They are all similar in design and text content?? Tom in PA
  8. Jim, Do you like the support we get from NNA on a topic like this? Tom
  9. Peter, I use the 'low tech' method of lines and arrows all the time. My point is that some of these VW tools just don't work correctly. I cannot be the only one having these export problems. The problem is the center point in space of not just the dimension but of the arc also. Tom in PA
  10. Bruce, Nope. I just tried it on a new file and fill or not the radius point is still in space when going to 'Fit to Objects' mode. Tom in PA
  11. Thanks for the reply Bruce. The method you describe will not work for me. I can click and hold to set the dimension and then drag the cursor and the arrow/leader and then release the mouse button and that works OK so far. That I can work with. You are correct in that the manual does not state method clearly at all. Thanks again. Tom in PA
  12. I am set to dimension a large radius segment with the External Radius Dimension Mode which should put the leader and the dimension outside the object, so the manual states..... Well in fact here's what I get.. If you select the radii to be dimensioned and you put the crosshair just inside the object that's where the dimension gets placed, works every time, wrong but consistent. If you set the crosshair on the object or just outside the object you have a 50/50 chance of getting the dimension to be external, where it should be. I have redone untold dimensions due to this fault. Anyone else had this problem?? I am on WinXP at the moment. Comments anyone????????? Tom in PA
  13. Anyone from NNA want to comment on why all the symbols using text cannot be editted using OIP as stated above??? Tom
  14. Bruce, That will get rid of the center point of the dimension but the center point of the radius is still in space and it too causes the same export problem. Draw a shallow arc using Arc by 3 Points and see where the center point is when you go to 'Fit to Objects' screen mode. This point you can't get rid of. Marietta, Using Exterior Radial Dimension still results in the center point in space. Tom
  15. If this a PC / Win XP problem I wish someone would address it or at least acknowledge it. I have already sent a file to Katie with this problem intact in the form of a corrupt file but with no help other than a friendly user error comment about pasting onto layers of different scale. Where is this covered in the manual?? Tom
  16. I tried that and as soon as I get near any object with the confines of the cloud extents, it locks right up. The whole program does not respond in any way. I get a prompt...program not responding........and that's all she wrote. This is indeed frustrating when this simple tool worked very well in past versions and now it does this. All in some vane attempt to allow us users to change 'Billow Height', Factor etc. For what purpose?? I still have never heard an answer to this one. Tom ...still plugging away........
  17. I am again in trouble with the Revision Cloud tool locking up VW11. When I say locking up I mean the the program crashes and does not respond. I previously posted this dilema and was told by katie that I was pasting from one layer to another with vastly diffent layer scales and that was the cause. I totally disagree and feel that this is a bug and todays events prove that. I ised the tool on one layer scale, changed the billow factor and when the cloud appeared is was mis-shapen and now it locks the drawing up and my file is now corrupt and I cannot get rid of the cloud. The drawing is very slow to open and after it does open all commands and menu drops are in slow, delayed motion. If you try to click on the cloud to select it the program crashes, locks and your done. If this isn't a bug or program fault, i don't know what is. Has anyone else experienced this problem?? I am running WinXP. I am now afraid to use this tool as the drawing I have the cloud on is now corrupt and I don't know what to do about it. Can anyone at NNA help on this situation??? Tom
  18. Jim, I agree. It seems the font editting portions were all done by different people and they never consulted one another. For example, font style and sizes in the Drawing Label Symbol can be editted from the OIP, a nice feature. Now go to the Section Marker symbol. Same type of text in the symbol but none of it can be editted through the OIP. If you need to change the font or size you need to ungroup and edit. Who was asleep at the wheel here?? Who checks this stuff before releasing?? It would be great if there was just some consistency in their reasoning1 Tom
  19. Kevin, I am in the WinXP community with VW11.0.1. I was in the Mac commune but got switched to the Windows environment due to some software incompatibilities with our equipment. I agree with your frustration. The simple things that used to work so good on 8.6 are screwed up now. For an example, search my topic on Revision Cloud and look at the answers I got from NNA. Tom
  20. Klaus, My imports are also slow as stated above and these are all 2D objects, no 3D. There goes that theory. As for your lack of response comment, I agree. I have seen alot of issues brought up on the board that have no response whatsoever, from anyone. At the very least someone from NNA should evaluate and respond even if the reponse is...'you're crazy and here's why...'. I have posted many topics which I feel are issues that need to be addressed and the big zero sits there in the reply column. Once it moves to page two of the forum , forget it, it will never get addressed. Still plugging away......... Tom in PA Tom
  21. I too have complained about the 'pause' issue when deleting items. The answers posted reference video cards and drivers and this is not it. You are right, this is a program issue and should be fixed but I have yet to see someone from NNA acknowledge a fault issue in VW11.0.1 on this board. I have posted a number of what I consider fault issues and get nary a comment in return. Now on Rhino, when a fault issue is brought up on the board, the McNeel crew jumps right in and if the issue is fault the acknowledge and establish workarounds and incorporate and the fixes into the next service release. On this board I feel at times that our complaints fall on deaf ears at NNA. Tom
  22. Is there a way to dimension a large radius and eliminate the center point?? I have some drawings with large radii where the center point is out in space and when I go to export dxf this point in space really screws up the export. If I try and select the point and delete the dimesion goes with it. I see no good way to seperate. This problem only occurs in VW and not my other programs. Is this a quirk with dimensioning in VW11?? Tom
  23. Why did NNA eliminate the old extend tool and replace it with this tool?? I have yet to get this tool to work. I follow the manual instructions on 12-9. Go to 'Connect Single Objects', click on end of object to connect(where my crosshair does nothing and the object is not selected),and then click on boundry. All this does nothing!! I have reloaded VW11 and still no luck. When you click on the menu for Connect/Combine the tool bar tells the directions and if followed mine still does not work. Has anyone had a problem but me?? Tom in PA
  24. Had the same luck recently on one of my AC files. VW11 just seems to stall and you can watch the object countdown and count it on your fingers. I too am always going back to good old 8.5.2. Says something, doesn't it!! Tom in PA
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