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  1. Just complete the whole model in Rhino. We use VW11 and Rhino and for all of our 3D work Rhino is far superior to VW. I am finding that importing just plain dwg's is a pain I cannot even imagine trying to import an iges for or other form into VW. Good Luck, Tom in PA
  2. Katie, Brand new video card and driver. Tom
  3. Katie, I had this happen again today. I went to use the default settings for the cloud and VW just locked up, nothing would work and VW had CPU usage pegged out. I could do nothing with the keyboard or mouse. I finally did a Cntl-Alt-Del and got out. I rebooted and restarted VW and tried to open the file. It was slow in opening and as soosn as I tried to select the cloud to delete, crash occured again. When I opened it a third time I figured I would just draw a selection box around it to select. As soon as I got near it I lost the selection box. I finally got it selected with the box and it deleted. The file appeared normal after that so I know the cause of the crashes was the Cloud Tool and nothing else. Any thoughts............ Thanks, Tom Marino in PA
  4. Interesting that no one from VW has chimed in on what is definitely a 'bug' and needs resolution. Tom in PA
  5. Adjust Flipped Text has always been checked 'On'. Tom
  6. Has anyone experienced any problems with 'Callouts' and importing to AC2000?? I have some files I am trying to export as a dxf for transmission to a firm with AC2000 and when I open the dxf files that have been exported from VW11.0.1 with AC2000 all the text callouts are upside down. The wierd thing is that the arrow remains in the correct position and the text is upside down. I have original VW file, the exported dxf file and the imported dwg file conversion for someone to evaluate. Thanks, Tom Marino
  7. Katie, As stated above the palette bar will not drop down or open. I have since re-installed VW and the 11.0.1 update and it appears to be OK now. Tom Marino
  8. Last nite after I posted the Revision Cloud crash topic I noticed that my Object Info palette would not work. Well it still does not work this morning. I opened up a new drawibg and put a square on it and hit Ctrl-I. The palette bar appears but will not drop down or open. If I double click on the bar it will expand across the whole screen at the drawing bottom and have the info there. As soon as I try to move it to resize and dock it, it quits working. Anyone from VW have any ideas??? Thanks, Tom Marino
  9. Has anyone had any issues with the Revision Cloud tool locking VW up?? I have two file working on tonite and when I tried to use the tool in a 1/2"=1'-0 layer the cloud went wacko and I could not do anything. I shut down restarted and there was the cloud but each time I tried to edit it or delete it VW would lock right up. I finally got rid of it somehow and then switched to a 1:1 layer and it worked OK. What's up with the tool in other than 1:1 layers?? Again the manual is no help at all........ As always I went back to my old standby VW8.5.2 and the revision tool works the same on any layer regardless of scale. The Clip Tool, the Extend Tool and now the Revision Cloud Tool. Why would you change the basic things that have always worked???????? Still frustrated and plugging away.... Tom Marino in PA
  10. Interesting as I was just about to post a note on this topic as tonite I could not get the Connect/Combine tool to work. No where on 12-9 does it say anything about holding down Alt-L in order to make this tool work. If you follow the manual instructions and the command line , using Single Object Connect Mode, you pick the end of the object to extend and then click on the boundry. This does not work at all. Has anyone else had this problem?? Tom in PA
  11. G-Pang, You are correct, importing into a document with data would not work with previous versions, but with all the work done to provide better import/export features don't you think this type of problem would be at least recognized and resolved or at least mentioned. What good does importing into a blank document when the data has to be used on a current VW drawing?? Let's face it, there are more "other" users out there VW users and we have to be able to share the information on a std platform, of sorts, in order to do our daily work. Thanks, Tom Marino
  12. Katie, When you do a paste in place after import the Layer coordinates DO change! Attached under seperate email cover you will find three files. The first is a simple drawing blank that opens when you go to New. I added a title block to the lower right corner in Layer 1. When you go to object info the rectangle shows coordinates of x=1/2" and y=-2 1/2". The second file shows the same drawing with imported dwg data on Layer 2. Now after import when you go back to Layer 1 and check the title block coordinates they have now changed to x=523'3.154" and y=1321'3.809". This only happens after import. The third file is the DWG I imported the data from. This is a very simple exercise that you should be able to duplicate to show the problem. I have never had this problem when drawing on multiple sheets , only when an import is involved. Try it! Thanks, Tom Marino
  13. G-Pang, How do I do that when the Autocad files are being sent to me via email?? I am not using the same programs and going from one to another. Why is the import process affecting all layers on the drawing?? I can understand keeping the origin as drawn in AC, I am going to have to accept that, but why are the other layers being affected?? For example.........My drawing title block is on Layer 2 at 1-1 Scale. I open up a quick document to send out info and I copy and paste the title block. If I had any import data that I put on that sheet first and then try and paste the title block it will be out in space someplace. This is only when I 'Paste in Place' and not when you just 'Paste', that's the kicker. To me that is a VW problem, plain and simple. Thanks, Tom
  14. Ion, I am trying to paste common information such as Finish Notations, Material Notes etc. from one drawing to another as they fit. When doing a drawing from scratch this is not a problem. As soon as I import any DWG files all the coordinates change on all the layers so now I cannot just paste info from one to another. Now I have to reposition all the items because the import function screws all the coordinates up. Hope this helps. Tom
  15. Katie, If I import the DWG files to a new document the coordinates still stay the same and when I try to copy them to a new drawing they paste in the wrong place unless both documents have the same origin. Remember when you open a new drawing the origin is centered in the drawing area. This becomes very cumbersome because now you have to check the origin on every drawing you have open to ensure that they are somewhat close for paste purposes. Thanks, Tom
  16. Katie, That's not it. I have no other objects on the other side of the axis as you mentioned. I only have the drawing contents. If this 'Set Origin' is such an important move why is it not mentioned in the manual. The subject 'Set Origin' or even the word 'Origin'is not mentioned in manual section 16, pages 16-25 thru 16-35. I still don't understand how a thing like this just 'slips through the cracks' upon release of a VW version that touts new and improved import /export features. Still muddling along......... Tom
  17. Katie, Just yesterday I played with the default printer thing and the printer would change at will during the session. I opened up one drawing and the C84 would pop up as a default. I would reset it to the C82 in the VW Print Dialog box and print. I would have another drawing open later and the printer would change again. I can find no rhyme or reason. Even on the items I print with the C82 when I go back to print in the same session, the printer is changing. Each time this happens I go back to my system and check the default and it has always remained correct. This does not always happen each time I print. Sometimes it remains OK. Thanks, Tom
  18. Is anyone besides me having a problem maintaining the default printer settings in VW11?? I am running Windows XP and an Epson C82 printer is labeled as my default. When I go to 'Print' and the dialog box pops up the C82 may or may not show as default. I keep having to go back and chage it in the dialog box, and yes I have checked my settings in the control panel and the C82 is always checked and labeled as my default. VW is the only program I am using that this happens. I previously posted this same problem and have never got a satisfactory answer so I have been keeping an eye on it and it is 'flakey'. Am I the only with the problem or I am I the only one it bothers?? Tom Marino
  19. even in VW11.0.1. I previously posted a query about a paste in place problem I was having while pasting drawing detail from one drawing blank to another. When pasting in place the object would be out in 'left field' nowhere to be found. I have tonite duplicated what I believe to be the cause of the problem. I opened a new drawing as usual, Untitled 1. The default origion is the in the center of the drawing area, according to the manual. I drew a square in the cebter of the page and its Object Info coordinates were x=0, y=0. I then imported a small 177KB Autocad file. Import went smooth. When I used Object Info after the import the center square coordinates changed from 0,0 to x=307'8.3" and y=243'11.294". The objects imported right in the center of the page and their coordinates were also way out there. I then went to Layer Setup and removed the imported layer. I closed the drawing and reopened it and the center square coordinates were still way out there even though the drawing remained in the center of the screen. I went through the manual info on Importing DXF/DWG and find no reference to 'Origin' upon import. What is up with this?? I am only having this paste problem after an import. I thought the import issues were greatly improved. Still muddling through the improvemnets... Tom Marino
  20. Will, Just use 'Control-A' to select all and then select the font. Everything will change including all dimensions. No matter what method you use you may have to adjust text size also to make it legible as some fonts are larger/smaller than others. Select all works within a layer so you may have to change layer by layer. Works for me and then I don't have to remember to back to VW>Prefs each time. Good Luck, Tom
  21. Ken, We just switched over to XP recently and the items I am refering to may or may not be related. For example....When I go to open some files the upeer menu bar will flicker like a light bulb for a few seconds....When I go to delete some entities off of a drawing they will not delete instantly and the menu bar will flicker, not the whole page, just the bar,....When I go to 'Print' my default printer does not always show correctly, it may come up 'Fax". This only occurs in VW and no other programs. The video card is new and would not differentiate the menu bar from the rest of the screen image anyway. Those items along with the others I posted last night are the constant recurring items I see on a day to day basis. Thanks, Tom
  22. I have used the 'Paste in Place' command thousands of times in the past when transferring information from one drawing to another or onto a new drawing blank. I have always made sure layer scales are correct between drawings and when I 'Copy' the info from one and then 'Paste in Place', it works perfect everytime and saves tons of time iun preparing like files. Now in VW11.0 when I go to 'Paste in Place' the objects are placed into space somewhere and not on the drawing in the position where they belong. If I use the 'Paste'command the objects are on screen just placed where the last cursor click was. Am I the only one that is experiencing this problem?? I can duplicate the problem at will and it getting real tiresome having problems with an otherwise simple command when there has never been any previous problem with the tool. Any suggestions on what to do.??? Thanks, Tom..........the night for questions......
  23. Has anyone on the board experienced any wierd behavior of VW 11.0 when using Windows XP?? I am have some weird things going on lately and I am trying to track the source. Thanks, Tom
  24. Katie, Would you please explain to the forum what you told me about the the 'sizing' of clipping objects for the clip function to work properly. I have been through the manual and see no mention of it whatsoever. I have tried all afternoon to re create the scenario using V8.5.2 and I cannot duplicate what I am calling a 'bug' with the V11.0 Clip Tool which also affects the fillet tool when doing a full radius. Thanks, Tom
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