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  1. I just migrated to 2022. Thanks for your help. I appreciate both options!
  2. I'm a newbie to VW and i've searched the forum unsuccessfully but I'm working on a show and need to add power distribution boxes to the downstage truss for weight calculations. I tried to create a custom object by using the rectangle tool, create object from shape. I then input the specific HWD demensions and weight in the object info pallet. I'm having two problems: 1. The box is still only 2D in the drawing, so clearly just adding HWD measurements do not create a 3D symbol. 2. I'm unable to attach the object to the truss. I'm sure all of this is covered in the VW University videos and on this forum but I could not quickly find it and am on a deadline. I very much appreciate any help that I might receive here.
  3. Came to ask the same question. I see the folder in the resource manager but it remains empty. I don't even see the flyframe anymore. We use the KLAs a lot and it would be awesome to have them in the library.
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