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  1. So putting together a plan for something coming up and i go to use the symbols for the KLA and the KLA folder is empty? The KLA series Flyframe is there, and theres a folder labeled "KLA Series" under the QSC option which is making me wonder if they actually exist or not. Anyone else having these issues or do these just not exist yet?
  2. So over the last few years I've been slowly updating my venues ground-plans in Vectorworks. Unfortunately the previous plans were off by up to a foot in many places. I'm also in charge of all technical aspects for our building now so this has been a slow process updating the files. We have a single rep plot/hang that gets used in several different ways that warrants changes to patch, focus, etc. I would like to be able to house the other variations of my lighting plots within the same "Master" Vectorworks file for my building. For almost every light, there's a change to orientation, focus, purpose, channel etc. And I want to get it all documented in Vectorworks and Lightwright like my overall standard plot is. Is there a way to have other layers of lighting equipment that I can completely turn off to not be referenced? Ideally Have a single inventory set-up in Vectorworks, but be able to have multiple plots with separate XML files for the Lightwright exchange that alters their data like purpose, channel, etc. Mainly because with how often I'm updating the drawings, I don't want to have six different files for our 6 different plots that I have to update architecturally. Any help would be appreciated
  3. I have a rep plot that is used in different ways depending on what is in. But used differently enough that it warrants massive changes to the patch and focus. I'd like to have different layers in our buildings master file that house the magic sheets and plots for each rep plot. Is it possible that each of these layers can respond to a different XML file than each other for Lightwright exchange so that I can still have separate sets of paper work for each plot, as well as keep inventory and all that straight in Vectorworks? I have layers and Layers of all the set-ups we've done on our stage, our exhibition space and lobby saved into the Master file and I'd prefer to have everything in one file so I don't have to make every minor adjustment I make in several different Vectorworks files.
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