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  1. I am running VW2016 SP6, Mac El Capitan 10.11.4. Is their a fix for this. Really miss not seeing preview of drawing in finder.
  2. Michael, I feel like a idiot. Just double click my way down to the original object used to make the 3D object Thanks Andy
  3. What is the easiest way to resize a 3D object. I can't find a tool that work like the 2D resize (select object, use 2D reshape tool, draw box and move) Let's say i have a 36" x 24" picture frame that has a 2" wide moulding running around. How would you change that to a 24" x 24" picture frame? VW2009 Thanks Andy
  4. This would be very useful for me. I went through the short cut list and didn't see it. I would like it to work the same as switching layer command & up/down arrow Is their a way to add a short-cut Thanks Andy
  5. When drawing or dimensioning instead of just getting horizontal or vertical with out holding down shift key. I see alt, alt vertical, and alt horizontal. With a very minute move you will see horizontal or vertical. Is their a way to turn this off. In a office of 14 license only one computer is doing this it is annoying. Thanks in advance
  6. Bump!!! Can anyone help me out with this one Thanks Andy
  7. When I create a EPS file from VW 10.5.3. When i print the document in Quark I get this message "Some EPS pictures in this document use screen fonts not available in your system" It work if the EPS file is created in VW8 with all the same fonts. The file print fine in VW 10 and VW 8 Is their a way to create the EPS as a Vector file instead a type file? Thanks Andy
  8. The connect/combine tool. Why are you calling it the split tool that isn't what it does? The first mode is single object connect it works really well with my example. Select the single object connect tool, click on horizontal line to the left of second vertical line than click on second vertical line. The only problem is, if their is multiple horizontal you want to trim to the same vertical line their is extra click that need to be made. Command trim why is it call Trim Command it is really a break command. Really useful tool with a work around. Every line that passes through trim line will be broken. Some time that isn't what you want. than you would need to draw a trim line that passes through on those objects that need to be broken. "The old extend tool is in VW11" from Kate Why don't VW udate VW10 to fix these problem instead of making us buy a new version. Why don't VW leave the old command alone when adding new command and feature to new versions. I have a list of atleast 5 different command that is similar to this trim problem and I have just startedusing VW10 for a couple of weeks. I'm sure I will find more. Andy
  9. Yes it work if you are talking about the single line join tool. It would be nice to be able to select a cutting line like it use to be . I do like being able to trim between objects with out selecting anything but both ways are needed depending on what you are drawing. Katie Thanks for your help and quick response Andy
  10. example their is 5 vertical line and one horizontal line that pass through all 5 line. I would like to select the second vertical line on the left and trim the horizontal line. So the horizontal line is only on the left hand side of the second vertical line. VW10.5 If I click just to the right of the second line I will end up with two line. It will be broken between the second and third vertical line. I hope this clearify my question. Thanks Andy
  11. Trim tool in edit pallet doesn't work like VW8.5. I use to select the item to trim to than the select the trim tool than the object to be trim. It would trim the trim the whole line to the selected line and not trim the line betwen any intersecting points. Thanks Andy
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