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  1. I wish you could apply images (eg. for wallpaper) as easily as textures! It's not often I'm applying a texture. I end up creating a rectangle with an Image fill, but then have to spend time punching out the holes for windows and doors. Not sure why VW doesn't let you apply Images in the Render tab of the OIP. And to my knowledge, you can't add an Image as a Texture in the Resource Manager (Textures don't seem to allow uploads when creating a new one).
  2. Does anyone know how to open just the window *shutters* in 3D? If I set the window to open, the inside glass opens which is not what I want. Without opening the shutters, millwork and other things show through them. I would also LOVE to be able to easily make these shutters bifold; currently that's not an option. You can change # of panels but that just splits things horizontally, not vertically. I don't see any option for this in Window Settings either: Hoping some VW folks see this 🙂 Thanks! Marci
  3. Does anyone know how to get rid of the border when your viewport is an interior elevation? The same toggle is greyed out for those, and I can't seem to edit a would-be crop where I could select an object and change its line attributes. I don't want to start putting all sorts of white rectangles all over my printable, templated page.
  4. Thanks for all the quick replies! I'm sure I will run into those things sometime soon, too! Much appreciated. 🙂
  5. Of course, I figured it out AFTER I posted it online forever. 😉 That tiny little arrow makes a huge difference. Looks like you have to have Class Style selected AND go into the colour selection and click on "Color By...". Clunky but it works. Hope this saves other people some time!
  6. Hi all, I keep encountering this issue - I'm using classes for cabinets so that changing colours and other attributes can be done in as few steps as possible. However, it seems that when I change class attributes, they just don't get applied to some objects even though I have those objects assigned to that class AND am telling the attribute (in my example, Fill colour) to use the class. In my example below, the cabinet below the sink (as well as the ones on either side as they are in the same class) should be red, but as you can see, they are not. Does the ORDER in which you assign things to classes matter? Would it matter if they were copied & pasted at one time?? I'm really scratching my head over this issue and I run into it all the time. I can't see what is different between the objects that ARE working as expected and those that are not. I don't think it's anything in the Object Info Palette or in the Attributes pane since I've combed through those 1000 times. This is driving me bonkers! Am I missing something??
  7. @Ride thanks, yeah the folks here have been considering that for a while, so it makes sense. I do think they could do a lot more customization within the VW tool though. I wish the basic tool let you define # of doors on base cabinets, for example. Why that isn't there is beyond me...it's there for the uppers. A few tweaks and it would be enough for many tasks, especially when you just need to put together rough plans in order to get quick estimates. Did you find InteriorCAD had a steep learning curve? I plan on watching the VW Uni videos on it soon.
  8. Hey all, I'm pretty new to VW but not completely new to drafting in general. I can't figure out why in 3D view, corner cabinets that are type "Corner Square Front" have the weirdest handle placement. It seems VW creates that type of cabinet with 2 separate doors (though this is all but unheard of in real-life corner cabinet design), so if I include door handles, the handle on the left gets basically half stuck in the corner. I end up just selecting "No Pull" for my door handles so it doesn't look messed up, but this isn't accurate for many reasons (it looks messed up in elevations & section views, I couldn't count on an accurate parts list based on the drawing, etc.). I've scoured over the Object Info palette like mad and can't see any way to customize this. I wish VW assumed that in a corner square front cabinet the door would likely be hinged in the middle and have a handle on either of the far sides of the cabinet. There's also no way to customize having no door but multiple drawers that I can see, which is also something I've done on a project I worked on (full-depth drawers in these square front corner cabinets are so neat!). I'd LOVE more customization in the cabinets department in general. Any help would be grand. Cheers!
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