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  1. When cloud publishing, I still can't get the fonts to work properly. The fonts are loaded into my cloud folder and show up in Custom Fonts, but every time I publish, I get errors that the font isn't available. How do I troubleshoot this?
  2. @Tamsin SlatterIs there any way to make this happen?
  3. In VWX2022, when I export a worksheet as .xlsx that has cells referencing data from cells in another worksheet, that .xlsx shows up blank. However, the worksheet seems to export fine as .xls. I've attached the same worksheet, exported in both formats, for reference. IG PANEL WORKSHEET.xls IG PANEL WORKSHEET.xlsx
  4. @Tamsin SlatterRight, but what I'd like to do is put the scale bar within the drawing label so I don't have to set up the scale bar manually for each scale. So I'd like to be able to just drop in a Drawing Label to a regular viewport or select a drawing label for my section viewport and not have to then go back into the annotation layer to add the scale bar manually. If the scale bar just lived in my drawing label, it would make that one step.
  5. I'd like to be able to add a scale bar to my drawing labels... even if that means I need to make several different drawing labels for different scales. Is it possible to do this? What I've tried makes the title bar show up super small and I can't constrain it to distances from other objects or the edge of the Drawing Label.
  6. In VWX 2022, running on Apple MacBook Pro M1 Max, selecting the External Tool or even selecting an external device already in the file seems to freeze VWX until I have to force quit.
  7. @C. Andrew Dunning Thank you so much!!!
  8. I'd love to use the Video Screen tool to drop in our proj/screens, but the roll-down screen only has one header height, and I can't customize the screen box to be higher up with a taller header above the screen. Is this possible another way?
  9. I’d be super interested in an answer to #1 as well... basically a way to update backgrounds from an architect without importing new Revit files every time.
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