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  1. I, too, am frustrated with what I believe should be default behavior: Surface hatches should align from the bottom up (default zero Z height for hatches in architectural objects). The hatches in wall components seem to align only when the wall component is set to follow the horizontal plane (i.e., no top wall peaks). See two exhibits attached. I've looked in vain for a silver bullet parameter setting in the hatch definition, the texture and in the wall object. My assumption was that the mapping would be per the wall definition "Auto-align plane" and/or "Use World Z for origin." Neither helps. If anyone reading this can point me to the right recipe, I'd be thrilled. Misaligned Surface Hatches Exhibit A.pdf Misaligned Surface Hatches Exhibit B.pdf
  2. Since upgrading to 2017 SP2, concurrent with the purchase of a new iMac running Sierra 10.12.1, I'm experiencing several odd display behaviors, most of them ephemeral (brief display errors on the screen only)—What You See Is Not What You Get. One of these glitches, however, is carrying over into viewports and print display: The Callout Tool's menu choice "Arc" leader type no longer displays an arrowhead, though it sometimes briefly flashes on screen (quantum arrowhead?). The line and bezier type leaders display arrowheads as expected, so I doubt this is a new "feature" of the arc type leader. I haven't taken the time to research if there are preferences for the callout arrowheads. Hoping there's help in the forum or at least a promise that SP3 will solve the problem. I'm not looking for a manual workaround; I'm converting several 2016 files to 2017 and don't have time to manually adjust all callout instances in those files. If there's no quick fix solution, at this time, I will live with headless leaders. (No allusions intended.)
  3. I have been using Photoshop to take out the "pad modifier" red lines in my 3D site model renderings (Fast Renderworks). I have not found a way to "get the red out" in Vectorworks via classes or Site Model graphics attribute settings. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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