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  1. A strange solution for problems such as this is to select the CREATE PLUG-IN menu command and open the dialogue. Simply cancel the request and all of the symbols are recalibrated. Symbols that did not show up often reappear!
  2. The other way to do this is to extrude the text and then do a solid subtraction. First convert the text into regular polylines by using the "Truetype to Polyline tool. Once converted, select and ungroup it. Next, 'select all' of the letters of the word or sentence unless you want the text to have different extrusion depths possible only by selecting them and extruding the letters individually. Once these are extruded, and I recommend you do this in the plan orientation, use the move 3D tool and move the text only upward along the Z-axis so that it partially extends above the height of the object you want to engrave. These must overlap! Change to front elevation to verify this and adjust it if required. The point is the the letters must be at least sightly embedded in the object to be engraved. Lastly, select both objects and from the MODEL menu, choose 'subtract solids' and the letters will be subtracted leaving the negative in the surface of the other solid as if engraved. If you have VW 11, I recommend you convert this into a generic solid at this point to reduce the size and complexity of the engraving. You may or may not know that the history of the additions or subtractions are maintained as part of the object until made generic. 2X clicking on the object will verify this fact.
  3. In addition to length, height and coordinate positions, the Object Information could include an absolute height position. A zero point could be established somewhere in a model and all the other objects could be located numerically in relation to this reference level not unlike the set-up building section though layer independent. I find myself adjusting heights of walls in site models in elevation view to determine the relative object levels. I use Move-3D extensively.
  4. JJG

    Saved Sheets

    Does VW intend to improve the saved sheets dialogue so that multiple sheets, and their settings, can be updated more than one at a time as well not require that the sheet be subsequently selected to apply the change?
  5. Does VW intend to improve the database linking so that modifying an item in a spreadsheet will update the referenced item?
  6. How, using separate layers or layers links I presume, do you render say four perspective views of the same project simultaneously on a single (cover) sheet from within the same file? I do not want to have to rely on importing high res picts. Final Renderworks will render only one link / layer at a time and turns the rest of the sheet all white?
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