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  1. The file was originally from the Wolf website. I must have done something to it! I have replaced with the new object in VW 2010. Peter
  2. Managed to figure it out. I ungrouped the object and deleted piece by piece. Turns out it was 4217 NURBS objects. Thanks, Peter Kaeding
  3. I am having a problem deleting an object from a file. The object is an imported Wolf range from the .dwg. It seems to cause VW to run very slowly. The file was started in VW 2008 and imported to VW 2010. I have tried to delete the object as well as the class. Both actions result in the spinning beach ball. I am running Snow Leopard 10.6.1. I am unable to delete on Macbook Pro and separate Mac Pro machines. Is there anyway to delete the object? Thanks, Peter Kaeding
  4. Have you tried importing dwg/ dxf? Has it crashed for any other reason? Thanks, Peter Kaeding
  5. So does anyone have a spare computer that they are going to try VW 2008 and Snow Leopard on? I am curious as to how many problems there are or if it starts at all! I have been waiting for Snow Leopard to solve some non VW problems... but it looks like a wait and a VW upgrade are in my future. Peter Kaeding
  6. Some of my old window schedules have a column that displays the sill height. On the schedule I just inserted this is no longer there. What am I screwing up? I am using 12.5 on a mac. Thanks, Peter Kaeding
  7. I want to use Commad-1 and Command-2 for other commands...in fact I have assigned them to other commands. Workspace editor allows it and does not give the previously assigned to other shortcut warning. Unfortunately, when I go to use it (assigned to Standard Views Front and Left) it simply defaults to the zoom commands. I think it must be some sort of legacy thing that is buried somewhere. I am hoping someone knows where that is!
  8. Zoom in by a factor of 2 is preset to Command+1. When I attempt to change this shortcut to a different command, the zoom in command seems to overide it. Does anyone know where this command is located in the workspace editor so it could possible be manually deleted? Thanks for your help.
  9. The probelm is with the Adobe PDF printer. It works in other programs but not through Vectorworks.
  10. It is "Adobe PDF" that is available as a pull down option (installed be Acrobat I assume) in the Print command. It is not "Save as PDF".
  11. I just got a chance to look at these reponses. I was able to work around the problem by creating postscript files and then using Distiller. I have since installed VW11 but PDF Printer will not work. I am currently running 10.3.3 with most recent security update. The resolution under Print>Vectorworks is 300 dpi and under Print>Printer Features it is set at 600 dpi (I tried 300 dpi, it did not help). This is the content of the log file: %%[ Warning: Empty job. No PDF file produced. ] %% Thanks for your help.
  12. My PDF Printer has stopped working. I normally use PDF Printer to create PDF's (which utilizes Adobe Distiller if I understand it correctly). It now goes through and acts like it is creating the PDF but the result is an empty file with a .log extension. The PDF writer works in other programs (I tested with Word), but not Vectorworks. I have tried deleting and re-installing PDF writer but it has not helped. Does anyone have an idea to fix this?


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