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  1. Hi there, Well, i'm having a problem when editing countours from site models. Everytime i edit them vectorworks simply crashes with no error or anything like that. Simply closes. First i thought it was the file i was using with some complex polylines. Then i redraw the polylines simpler but the problem occurs. Finally i started a new blank file draw some polylines, created a site model from them and it keeps crashing. How can i solve this? Thanks in advance
  2. Hello there, Well, i'm following the Vectorworks Landmark Essentials Seminar and i found a problem or i think it is when using hatches in hardscapes. When i try to use the same hatch from the tutorial i get the following error "this operation could not be performed because the file named "hardscape paving paterns techno-bloc.vwx" could not be found". Well, i can only use the default ones, all the others it just gives me the same error with the different .vwx file missing. Is this normal or is something missing? I'm using the 2021 educational version on win 10. Thanks in advance
  3. Already installing it! Thanks for the quick response!
  4. Hi there, I downloaded the student version, tried to install it but it keeps asking for the serial. It didn't appear on the download page and didn't received any on my e-mail. I updated my profile with the Proof of Enrollment but still can't find the serial key anywhere. What i'm missing? Thanks in advance


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