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  1. Hi guys, Thank you all for your recent replies. I created this post way back in 2017 and I don't know why it suddenly resurfaced. Mystery! Anyway thanks!
  2. Tom: It worked! I really appreciate your accurate and detailed answer to my question. Thank you so much. Andy, thank you for the extra info. I will add this to my own VW Procedures manual.
  3. Viewport Object Info -> Classes -> Classes Override checked. So what's next? Where do I set line types, no fill, etc.?
  4. Hi Jonathan, Thank you for your reply. However, 36:31 is the end of your movie, but it's not about class overrides before that. Perhaps it's a typo? Or perhaps because my version 2017 is not the same? Thanks Charlie
  5. This is a viewport of the roof plan I've created that turned solid lines to dash and no fill. I couldn't do it now with the Viewport Advance Properties in Ver. 2017. Thank you in advance for your help.
  6. I think I solved this one myself. The Advance Viewport Properties dialogue box I showed above appears if the viewport is on a designer layer. When it's on the sheet layer it is different. However I have another question. I thought that with previous versions I could change more properties in the AVP, e.g. from solid lines to dashed lines and from solid fill to no fill, which worked very well for a roof outline over floor below on the site plan. Am I mistaken?
  7. I've used Vectorworks for 30 years. I'm now on Ver. 2017 latest update. I'd used Viewport Advanced Properties to set line weights, types, and many other things since 25 years ago until 2 weeks ago, the Viewport Advanced Properties dialogue box I've got is this one. Help please?
  8. Yes I'd like to learn just this one please.
  9. Is there anyway to create a script to select ID Prefix, with the option to enter different field values every time?
  10. It probably would, butfor now I'll take Pat's advice and hit Enter. That'll work. Thank you both for your replies anyway.
  11. Matt, as I said, Windows Setting doesn't have a problem, but Door Setting does. So logically it's not the monitor. It's VW.
  12. BTW, I want to add an avitar to my profile. So I go Profile > Edit Profile. Unlike all other websites VW doesn't have an obvious link to add an image. The only place that seems to be right is About Me that allows an attachment, so I attach an image. Still my avitar doesn't show up. For something that should take one minute but with VW it took me 20 minutes to explore. Why does it have to be so hard?
  13. Hi Pat & Matt, Thanks Pat, hitting the Enter key will save it. Yes it's a brand new 4K monitor and perhaps VW has not kept up. However, Window Setting works, Door Setting doesn't. It's a VW booboo. I don't know how much longer before I die to keep up with all these IT changes that happens every 2 days - soiftware, OS systems, firmware, internet, etc. etc. 😞
  14. Unlike the Window Setting dialogue box with the OK button at the bottom, the Door Setting dialogue box doesn't show it. It takes up the whole depth of the screen so it can't be moved up to show more. It doesn't re-size. So all the door editing can't be saved.
  15. Thank you Pat! Since my version is 2017 it's a little different from what you suggested. 'ID Prefix' is not under 'Windows Record Format', but under 'Window'. However you've put me on the right path. Thank you!
  16. Tools > Custom Selection. I want to select windows with a certain ID tag. Is it possible? If so, How?
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