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  1. Where in the documentation can I find out about using 2D and 3D loci to modify the shape of a symbol opening in a wall? (VW 10 or 11) I have used loci in my window symbols for other reasons. Will they prevent the successful generation of an opening in the 3D wall? David
  2. Thank you very much. That answers everything!!
  3. I am now using Artlantis Export Plug-in 10.5 (28-11-03) for exporting from VW 10.5.1. (Mac 10.3.3) Some extrudes have holes filled in. I think it's a problem with the export plug-in, or is it just me? The export works OK if I try the old and trusted 'Convert to 3D Polygons' prior to export. Dave95
  4. Hullo R, thanks for the advice, I threw away my MiniPascal book a long time ago! And, yes, just a little more help would be appreciated:- In the script below I get an error 'expected a new factor here' where I have an angle of 45. PROCEDURE(Testing); PROCEDURE ThatNeverGetsCalled: BEGIN AngleVar; END; BEGIN {Testing} DSelectAll; Rect(0,0,100,200); Rotate(45); END; RUN(Testing); It seems to have activated AngleVar although I never called the subprocedure that contains it. Why is that? It works OK if I change it to 'Rotate(#45);' Does that mean all numeric angles have to be preceded by'#' when using AngleVar? All this is undocumented as far as I can see. The only reference to '#' I can find is under 'Distance-angle mode'. Thanks,Dave. PS: Do you know why ths board is largely ignored in favour of the mailing list?
  5. At the minimum, the Vectorscript Editor needs colour. If not, make the plug-in file a simple text file capable of being opened directly by BBEdit. A tutorial on how to structure large scripts would be a great help to amateur scripters like me. Although the basic information is available it is extremely difficult to start building up know-how and good practice if you have no technical background.
  6. For me the AngleVar documentation has always been worse than useless. Can anyone explain what this page means?: http://www.nemetschek.net/support/custom/vscript/functionref/Pages/Command.html#AngleVar I wish to use user-defined variables to specify angles but can find no useful documentation on how. Thanks. Dave
  7. Hello Andy I am thinking of replacing Artlantis. Can you get high quality radiosity results? Dave PS: you say: > Imported geometry still has its object axis at 0,0,0, >regardless of where the geometry is located. Can you start by exporting just a single cube that's centred on the origin - in order to force a synchronisation of the cinema origin with the VW origin? Then replace that with your proper export?
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