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  1. After installing a new GPU, I was unable to start vectorworks (either 2020 or 2021). I deleted the software and have been trying to reinstall. Now, the installation fails every single attempt. I get this message first "unable to get information about this drive" when I am trying to choose a drive for installation. I have selected every different drive I have, each having a minimum of 60Gb of space. (One of them is an empty 1TB). When I choose to try and install, even though it recommends that I don't, it then tells me that it can't install. Anyone have a fix?
  2. An update: It only effects my work PC. All files appear normal at home. I will re-install software and see what that does.
  3. Hello, I am hoping someone out there can help me with display issue I have been facing. I am working on file where I have been doing extensive work in the annotations of my viewports. I don't know exactly how, but something I have done has made it so that I cannot "see" the objects in my viewports. Here are the facts as I know. 1. It began when I was working within the annotations as I was dimensioning an object. 2. My viewports are all still there and there are still objects within them. 3. As I zoom in and out, I can see the viewports and objects, but when I stop zooming, they are invisible. 4. All my visibilities are set to show/modify all in both classes and layers. I have also turned on all layers and classes to check. 5. The same issue occurs when I am working in design layers. 6.When I try to double click on the selectable, but invisible, viewports, I get an error message (which I have not looked up yet: will do so after I post this.) It says Line #18: kViewportCropCheckBox=13: | {Error: Compile stopped by Command-period.} 7. The same thing happened early in my work. I had to start over again after not finding a solution. Now I have a significant investment of time into this project and need to find a solution. Is there something obvious I am missing. Did I turn off a visibility preference? I cannot find my way out of this and any help would be greatly appreciated. Rob Vectorworks 2014 Windows 7 Professional 64bit Intel Xeon 8 core v2 @ 3.7 GHz 6GB RAM AMD FirePro W5000 (FireGL V) Graphics Adapter
  4. Hello, Kevin. Thank you for your response. The symbols are all out of the most recent download of 2014. I will take a look at the part record, though, and see what it says. Thanks for the pointer. Rob
  5. Howdy, Steve. Glad to hear from you. I am using 2014. I was trying several different symbols. Here is the path I took. Resource Browser->Objects-Entertainment->Lighting ETC Then I tried to use symbols from the ETC Source 4 subfolder. I tried 19, 26, 36, 50 degree instruments and all of them have the same issue. They will not "turn" towards the focus points. I also tried the ETC Body symbols folder and the S4 unit, but same problem. It also happens when I tried Altman 360Q symbols (6x9, 6x12) BUT! it did not happen when I activated symbols from the CE Source 4 folder. They all auto focus to points. (I tried this after last post) So, maybe I just misunderstand which symbols are to be used for 3D representations. I didn't think I would use CE instruments, but they do work. Any ideas? (missed you at the last MMC dance concert)
  6. I have run into an issue. When inserting ETC symbols (S4 in various degrees)into a light plot the light objects do not point towards toward the focus points. When given the focus info in the OIP, the light beams are correct, but the symbol only appears (in 3d) as pointing downwards. What is vexing is that this is inconsistent. When I place a S4 Par in the plot, it's 3d symbol points in accordance to the focus point. As does the Mac 250 I placed. Altman 360Q ellipsoidals have the same issue as the S4 symbols in that I cannot get them to point any other direction (in 3d) except straight down. Any recommendations? Am I missing something simple? Thank you, Rob
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