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  1. @Sam Jones Solid! I look forward to trying them out!
  2. @markddThat's really awesome, thank you for that! I will look into those for sure.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm not sure if General Discussion is the place for this, but really it's not an issue or anything, just something I was curious about. Is there a way to edit multiple label legends at once? I'm trying to make them consistent across the board, but it can be tedious to go through each one individually, especially when I'm pretty much only concerned with changing text and container sizes. Thanks all! You're the best.
  4. Hey all, I'm not sure if there's a way to do this. I would love to add labels to my box boom positions (just something like HR Box Boom) while they're in 2D view. I used lighting ladders and effectively have a plot view and a 3D view so I can use them in Augment3d, but I can't seem to figure out how to actually make that position name show up as a label in the 2D view. Hopefully that makes some sense. Thanks in advance!
  5. @E Beaton In what way are they deleted? Are you working within the label legend manager? Have you resolved the issue since I see that you posted this a while ago?
  6. @michaelk Thank you so very much for your help on that. I just followed your directions and it worked and the tool, based on my limited amount of use is already really amazing and I look forward to using it more! 😄
  7. It's once I'm in the workspace editor that I'm struggling to find the tool itself within that. Thanks for the reminder to restart VW though, I definitely did forget to do that originally😅
  8. Hey all, I'm delayed in finding out about this and I would love to use the tool, but I am new to adding tools to the workspace. I tried to check out the video included in the link, but I'm a bit lost just because the tool isn't showing up at all. It's in the plugins folder, it should be the most recent version and as far as I can tell, I did everything right leading up to the "adding it to the workspace" part. Thanks and apologies if this is actually really easy and I'm just bad at this.
  9. Hello lovely VW Forums, I am once again asking for your assistance. I'm working on drafting two new venues now and this one's main function is as a sort of movie theatre. So the issue I'm running in to is that I started using stories for this one because it has proven to be really helpful in organization, but it does seem to make placing projection a bit more difficult since I'd like to have the projection stuff assigned to the second story for organization purposes, but to be able to have the screen placed correctly on the story below. Drawing attached to show what I mean, but basically I'm not sure if you can rotate the entire unit in 3D space or not, my usual methods of doing that haven't worked, and I haven't been able to figure out where that might be in the settings for the projection tool. As always, I appreciate you all and the knowledge you all share with me. Thanks!
  10. @Jesse Cogswell Cool, that was kind of the feeling of the solution I was getting from the few different things I'd tried. I do agree with having the Internal Origin on at the start of a drawing though and I'll definitely give starting with the CL-PL on the Internal Origin a try. I feel like I may have tried it at one point in one of my drawings and it didn't go back to it if I tried to re-center the drawing when I got asked to re-center the drawing, but it's been a while so I could be wrong and I'll try that again. Thanks so much for your help!
  11. Hey all, This may be a weird one and I hope I can explain it well. I've attached a drawing of the theatre I'm working on with an "X" where I'd like the internal origin to be and where I'd like the drawing to center to when I tell it to center on the internal origin. As far as I can tell, the drawing centers to the internal origin at the center of the drawing itself, not to a random point, but I could also be wrong. I've spent too many hours trying to find an answer, and I have tried setting a user origin where I'd like it and telling the User and the internal to be the same, but it didn't seem to work. I've tried just manually putting it where I want it, but that hasn't proven to be exact enough for my boss. Basically, if there's anything to be done to set the drawing to center on the internal origin any point that doesn't seem to be the center of the drawing that would be awesome, and I hope this all made sense. Thank you all, you're all amazing and I hope to one day have the level of VW skill the rest of you do!
  12. @JustinVH I did. I didn't see anything really change.
  13. The red squares are where I'm looking and it's alright if there's no actual fix for what I'm going to ask. The ones I've pointed out look significantly different than the rest. Is there a way to change that or is that just how they're going to look in the paperwork? I've tried changing line weights and things and everything is set to just have a black outline, but so far, nothing I've really tried has worked. Thanks in advance!
  14. @Pat Stanford @Boh Solved it! Thank you both!
  15. @Boh I did try that on my original file, it rotated at some point and took the rest of the drawing with it. It didn't start rotated and everything I've tried since then has created the two views. The rotate tool in the view toolbar creates a "rotated top/plan" view and a "top/plan" view. Rotating it with the rotation tool does the same. If that's the only solution, I'll live with it and see if I can move it into a new file and have it not be rotated or something like that just because I know my bosses have a preference.
  16. @mjm I went with the simpler one for now. I'm probably going to change that later since just about everything else I'm doing is in 3D, but for what I need it for right now, the simpler one was faster and easier.
  17. Hey again, I appreciate you all so much while I navigate this program for a pretty major undertaking of updating all of our drawings. So this time, not a seating problem. This time, on this one drawing, my plans are showing up rotated, but I don't remember if or when I rotated them? Is there a way to fix that that permanently changes the rotation and doesn't give you the option to look at Top/Plan or Rotated Top/Plan? I have attached an image as well that shows what I'm looking at. I put the PDF I'm working off of into another drawing just to see if it kept the rotation, and it did. Thanks in advance for the help!
  18. @mjm It worked! Thank you so much!
  19. @mjm Awesome, thanks so much for the information! I'm trying it out now.
  20. I am so sorry that I have no idea what I'm doing with these chairs, but I thank you all for your patience and help. This time, I pretty much just need to number my seats, however, the seating tool was not at all doing what I needed it to be doing so I switched over to just using an array and editing from there. However, now it seems that you can't number them or that I can't convert the section I made into a section Vectorworks likes. So basically, from here, I'm not sure if I need to scrap the array and go back to fighting with the seating tool or if there's a few crucial steps I'm missing. Thanks again!
  21. @zoomer Thank you for that! I will try these methods out and see if that solves it.
  22. Hey all, I really hope I haven't missed this somewhere in the forums either, but I would really like to be able to edit the widths of the chairs that I am using in my file. I can edit them in 2D, but I don't think I'm really doing that right. I'm effectively just editing values in the OIP. Is this something I need to just accept I can't do or is this something I need to make a custom symbol for? I'm really just not positive about how to go about doing that if I do have to effectively make my own chair from scratch. Thanks in advance for your help!
  23. Hey all, I really hope this is where this post belongs and I also hope I am not asking the same questions as someone else and I just wasn't able to find it. Anyway, how much can I edit stair railings? In this instance, I am needing my stair railing to change from having guardrails to not having guardrails because the stairs go from being open to being in between two walls. The image I added to this post shows where the guard rails need to stop. Is that possible to do or not so much? Would I just need to make my railings from scratch? Same with adding a center railing. That one does need to go all the way up the stairs though. Thanks in advance!
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