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  1. We are currently running into an error on the printing dialog that appears within 10.5.1 while running on OS X Tiger. Hitting the TAB key just creates extra blank characters in the highlighted field and makes it impossible to select any other enterable field. The delete key then does not work unless you highlight the blank characters in the field. The arrow keys will not work either. This is not a problem that will stop production, just one that annoys all of the users.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Brian

  2. We have just moved to Tiger as well but are experiencing a different printing issue. Although my print jobs do come out, when in the print screen I cannot use the tab, delete, nor enter keys properly. The Tab key just tabs within the field, not to a new field. The delete key does nothing and the enter key does nothing.

    A little help?

    Thanks, Brian

  3. I am using a computer that is running on OS 9.x for Mac and using VW 10.5. For some reason I am unable to change fonts. I have opened new windows, reinstalled VW, everything I can think of including checking the extensions manager. Fonts work on every other computer I have this installed on so I believe it could be specific to one computer. Have you seen this before?

  4. I have been installing VW 10.0.1 on the Macs in my office and have encountered an error on starting one up that I cannot find a solution to. I have been looking everywhere for information on a (-2,817) error entitled MacHasp4Shim is missing. This error will not allow me to start up the newly installed software. If anyone has experienced this as well, please help. It is installed on Mac OS 9.1. Thank you.

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