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  1. Is there a basic instructional textbook for Landmark? Thanks
  2. Todd

    Landscape designer

    Thanks for the useful replies.
  3. Hello, Is it possible to import SketchUp files to VW and convert them to Vectorworks files, and vice-versa? Thank you.
  4. Todd

    Landscape designer

    Hi again, This is the model I'm considering. Is there enough information to determine if it will support the software? Thanks.
  5. Todd

    Landscape designer

    Very impressive work and videos! The overview and experience are much appreciated. Thanks also for the Mac-GPU tips. I've got some great next-steps!
  6. Todd

    Landscape designer

    Hello again, This is the MBP I'm considering. Is there enough information to determine if it will support Vectorworks software? Thanks
  7. Todd

    Landscape designer

    I'm assuming you have an external GPU...
  8. Todd

    Landscape designer

    Yes money is tight now, so I am hoping to be able to use a MBP
  9. Todd

    Landscape designer

    Thanks, Zoomer. I will look into GPU. I'm aiming to start with simpler residential projects in 2D, and hoping to import SketchUp files.
  10. Todd

    Landscape designer

    Thanks, Jeff. I would be starting out on residential projects, working in 2D. I do 3D modeling in SketchUp and am hoping it works with Vectorworks. I'm glad to hear MBP will work, I am looking at a refurbished model from the Mac store. I will compare any model I look at with your specs. Will I be able to import SketchUp files into Vectorworks? I can model and render in it pretty quickly.
  11. Hello, Will this software work with a MACBOOK PRO? I am thinking of purchasing this model for Entry level projects. Thank you! https://www.apple.com/shop/product/FV962LL/A/refurbished-133-inch-macbook-pro-24ghz-quad-core-intel-core-i5-with-retina-display-space-gray?fnode=9d540cdd327473c2f19b305aa90364bda2c34317e5e6ff1c3fa81ee52aa15d1078a1dcf72ed2ee48723398251f51340bb9ddc306e35187af28f0982be39eef35430c63dd4e1ff4ac4f01c2232e573bae


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