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    Hi. I am new to Vectorworks and am having a nightmare trying to set-up a title block. I'm studying Interior Design and need to do this in order to submit my current project and move on. I've tried making one as a symbol and also a plug-in following videos ive found online and neither were successful. I just want to have a template which I can re-use from project to project and I'm happy to over-type the data each time, it doesnt need to be linked. What's the best way to do this? Should I save as a template of some sort? Perhaps that way I could save my page preferences and open up a sheet with the title block already saved to the bottom right? I've created the title block design I like... I just don't know how best to add it to my documents each time and the Vectorworks title block border tool is over-complicated and not working out for me sadly! On a final note... how do you delete a Vectorworks title block border? I've got one on my page and its not right and much to my frustration I cant find a way of deleting it! :( I would be so grateful for any advice on this!


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