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  1. Also: if you set Task manager to do Layout geometry, you can work with Guides to establish / outline the basic geometry.They do not interfere with the rest of the drawing as you go on adding stuff.
  2. wow - thanks. I thought I did but I just found out I did not - it is unlocked and working now have a great day
  3. Hi I just got a new hardrive/keyboard. It seems that in the process I lost the function where the side numeric keys control the views (1 left axon, 2 front, 3 right axon etc.). what can I do to bring that back? using VW 10.5 and PC. Thanks.
  4. thank you very much everybody this is truly helpful
  5. I am looking for suggestions on efficient way to generate a window schedule: I made several window symbols which I would like to summarize in a window schedule with detailed info. I am a bit confused by the wealth options: the data can be entered in the ID labels. It can be entered in the drawing level Data tab, and also inside the Edit Symbol OIF Data tab. Sometimes this seems to create duplicate windows. Sometimes I do not know which info supercedes which one. Do they contracdict each other? Because they do not automatically keep consistent. Some info is automatically brought in from the PIO library. Then there is "Attach Record" which will create a custom record, but where should I fill this in - in each instance or in edit symbol or in ID label? What is my best bet in generating easy consistent window schedule? Just got lost in it. Thank you. VW 10.5 on Windows
  6. ekb

    insert door tool

    Similar issue: there are "08 Drs_Sidelights" plug-ins which have doors with 2 sidelights - very common and helpful, but the door configuration only offers swing and bi-swing. How about single and double slider, could you add them, please. Thanks.
  7. I am considering upgrading to VW 11. In your FAQ, it says the viewports, unlike the model link, will link all model levels of a multi-story building automatically. What if I want to leave a level out, or in other ways link only some model levels selectively, is it do-able? Thank you VW 10.5.1 on PC Windows.
  8. I was hoping to use the trace bitmap command to save on file size. But the traced bitmap was just as big if not bigger than the original bitmap. I suppose it is not meant to save memory / decrease file size? Thank you VW 10.5.1 on PC Windows
  9. I use the Issue Manager - works great. But, I have 2 questions: once an issue is issued, can it be de-issued? If I do not like my "issue number 4", can I "take it back" and issue a different "issue number 4"? I have not figured that one out. Secondly, I have a problem: names of drawings and drawing numbers in titleblocks on some sheets are doubled up, e.g. overlayed, e.g. the titleblock shows info from two different sheets superimposed, resulting in unreadable jumble. Can I fix it? Thank you. VW 10.5.1 on Windows
  10. Robert, thank you that sounds like a great solution, but when I go to the report for "window", the available categories are all the parameters in the Object Info, but class and layer settings are not shown as "trackable". Am I missing something? thanks.
  11. Sorry: Version 10.5 platform Windows ME. I cannot reproduce it: I do not understand how it happens. That is the question. Could I somehow have the walls selected, and if I hatch other objects / polygons, it would also re-hatch the walls? Do commands work on objects which are selected on unused layers / sheets?
  12. Maybe a few professional good looking people would be a great idea then. It is a great help in showing scale in elevations. It beats showing a 5.5 feet tall block and other improvisations.
  13. I have a few wall types with different hatches to distinguish them. Sometimes, mysteriously, the walls (usually all the walls of the same kind) change hatch. Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong? Thank you, experts.
  14. My file has four floor plans, and system generated electrical and framing plans. It has model link elevations. There are no duplicate plans as far as I can tell, yet my window schedule comes up with double of all the windows of the first floor plan. Somewhere there may be some ghost copy of the first floor? How can I find it and delete it? ( P.S. it is not in the site plan either, or details.) I wish I could at least edit the window schedule worksheet manually, but the rows cannot be highlighted individually for editing, the entire block highlights instead. Can you point me to some solutions? Thanks.
  15. I would love to have people too - no people in 10.5?


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