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  1. I GOT IT! I don't mean I understand (well that too - thanks to Robert who was VERY patient) But what I mean is I did it. From Scratch. I followed your instructions and added the small offset. Was a bit tricky I had a prob trying to use the bearing height instead of the pitch angle and couldn't get the front two gables to rise above the main roof height, but once I adjusted the pitch it worked!! WOO WOO!!! Thanks again for all your good advice and help! When I am done with the model I will post it. Dax
  2. my email is dcastro@ use the domain name of the posting on the helpfile I posted earlier I would PM you.. but you have it disabled. [ 06-27-2005, 05:56 PM: Message edited by: daxcastro ]
  3. thanks a ton for your (you all) great advice. I even called support and she was nice and all, but in the end I really didn't get this roof hammered out. Maybe you can take a look at what I have and tell me where I am falling off the log. http://www.signtechnology.com/help.html Thanks again. Dax p.s. and I will keep trying.
  4. Okay.. I bought the 2 cds, have 2 books, took the class in LA and yet still cannot find a descent tutorial or walkthrough on creating a specific roof. I know the auto roof tool is nice, but what if you want something different. Anyone feel like holding my hand? Dax
  5. Can someone tell me what stupid thing I did to make my windows face inward. Sills (exterior chosen) are facing inward. Thanks Dax
  6. Anyone here in the Sacramento Area? I sure could use a buddy.
  7. When I place I window I can select many variables including width and height. Will this trim adjust with that or will I have to make a static symbol for every window spec? thanks Dax
  8. In order to make window trim like the attached do I need to just edit the symbol or is there some setting for this? I want the top and bottom to extend further as shown in the attachment. Thanks Dax
  9. btw... do you know any good tutorials on stairs? The book doesnt cover them at all (other than adding rails" and I am having a heck of a time placing them correctly and getting them configured like my blueprints show. Thanks Dax
  10. After talking with Cinema, I figured out that the problem (warping textures) was not due to the triangulation, but I had the image map type set as "Sphere" and not "Cubic". Fixed it right away. So as you state correctly, the triangulation had nothing to do with it. It was the way I was applying my image texture. Thanks for the reply though. Dax
  11. yes but really it doesnt effect the model. I tried applying a siding texture to the wall and I had the wrong setting on the method. I had it as spherical and not cubic. The second I changed it to cubic, the texture matched up no matter what the geometry was of the wall. So as long as it renders right. I dont really care what the wireframe looks like. Hope that clarified. Dax
  12. Thanks. I have the input I was looking for. Dax
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