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  1. Hi! i use vectorworks as a light designer, My Instrument summary stoped updating when i click update. for exemple, if i first putted 20 Fresnel in my plan, but took 5 out, my summary will still show 20 in the count... its annoying because it really helps to know if i respect the technical sheet of the theater. thank you !
  2. the rotation of the beam ! i want it 90 degrees in this case
  3. hi, im trying to plan my focus, and some of my lamps focus on a 45 angle degree. i played with the field and beam angle without any success, any ideas ?
  4. anyone has the etc light info record shortcut and can send it to me some way ? i cant find it in my browser !!
  5. i have it as DWG and its only lines to....
  6. for a LED strip wich the manufacture describe with a 120 beam angle the field angle would also be 120 then?
  7. Im creating my own symbol for custom LED strip and i wonder what should i write in : Beam angle, beam angle 2, field angle, field angle 2. thank you!
  8. @Wesley Burrows how do you highlight ? If I just want to number my lamps manually in the iop, why don't they appear on my plan ? (they use to !)
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