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  1. I have a landscape wall consisting of wall and round wall components.  I have auto join walls turned on as well as being sure the walls are snapping to each other.  When I try to use the wall join tool I get nothing or I get an error.  These are retaining walls and not being joined is messing up the site model.  What's the trick?

  2. This hardscape slab keeps grabbing something on the base plain.  I have cleared out all original line work and recreated my geometry several times.  I used the grade tool to set the new slopes in aligned slab modifier top mode.  This is when the problem happens.  In I also did a couple test samples on a clean document with good results.  I'm looking all over for a bottom datum setting or an elevation offset.  Any ideas on what is causing this would be much appreciated.

    Screenshot (9).png

  3. Can anyone tell me why my core and drywall on this wall do not meet the top of my exterior shingles in this model.  It seems to me that once I put my slabs on I would want them sitting on top of my wall not down in it.  The height of the wall is to be the interior ceiling height.  So the bottom of the ceiling slab would sit on top.  The base of the wall is to be connected to the top of the first floor slab with not overlap on either.  I thinking basic residential construction-Foundation, sill, joists & floor sheething (making my slab), walls including base plate, framing and top plate.  Then repeating for the second floor minus the sill1321766135_Screenshot(53).thumb.png.e8abeaefe6d0a60c9370651ee026f4ca.png1318707803_Screenshot(54).thumb.png.b6b590cbebcd1c9b826210a5f8509537.png642255520_Screenshot(55).thumb.png.3eed7dce3ea4e8f60e0a4bad1421b913.png.

  4. First I have to say thanks for everyone's help with my questions its much appreciated.  I spoke with my buddy who's a graphics wizzard.  My understanding is that for an Alpha Channel you need photo editing software.  Any suggestions on what to use?

  5. I'm attempting to create Image Props.  It looks like GDI+ is suppose to be running in windows.  I looked at some of the online info about it and it.  It looks like its discouraged to run it.  Any PC users running it?  Any issues?

  6. I'm placing plants in a plan and want 3d plant symbols.   I had some luck taking a Rhododendron and matching it up with images in the stock symbol library.  Although the scale of the flowers and leaves are way off because I rescaled.    I watched two videos, the images in each were already cleaned up and backgrounds removed.  Is this a requirement prior to importing the image or can the image be cleaned in VW?  I attempted to generate image props as per the video generating an image prop for a new plant in Vectorworks.  The end image prop on the plan is just an image of the shrub.  Nothing happened except the image pasted to the plan.   I am seeing two main differences between what I made happen and what I saw happen.  First I do not have an alpha channel button.  This is not available on my system so I'm not sure if I need it.  Then I saw GDI + is supposed to run when importing pics but it looks like its not recommended to be enabled on a PC.  I will post this issue separately but just wanted to bring it up.


    For the Vector Works tech people which VW university class covers this?  I looked at a few but am not sure. 

    Screenshot (52).png

  7. So rotate plan allows me to square up individual plan elements to the X,Y so I can work them more easily?  Yea I got that there is a work flow to keep walls perpendicular but thanks for the clarification on how it works!  Thanks for the help everyone!

  8. Yea the object is a retaining wall with a folly of a New England field stone root cellar foundation extending off it.  The main wall follows the property line the extension was squared off (roughly).  The home sits on the plan square to the x&y coordinates but its not square on the lot.  What I ended up doing was to just draw a square connecting the two points on the bed corner and the wall then rotated to square with the wall and snapped it into place.  Now I'll convert the square to an object and the object to a wall

  9. Yea I get the same thing when I continuously click for a 90.  When I deflect from that angle and then try to go back to the 90 from the new line it doesn't work.   I'm not sure if its the angular dimension tool not snapping to the wall or if the wall is actually off.  I have tried to use the Y key to bring up the tool tips but I get nothing.  I have also tried unselecting all but the snap to object options in the snap tool bar.  Zoomer are you saying shift T?  T gave me nothing but shift T seemed to give me a red dashed reference line along the wall I want to 90 off of.  

  10. Thanks Andy.  Its definitely snapping to angles but my line is off at 178.32.  I just read an article and found that holding down shift will do the trick but wondering if there is a tool preference I'm missing.

  11. Thanks Tony!  I was trying the stake tool and could not get it to work.  I must have had the workflow wrong.  I was placing spots where I wanted them then went back and tried to edit the grade in the OIP but it didn't work.  So I started over.  In 2021 (maybe earlier versions too) all you need to do is activate the tool type in the elevation on the tool bar right next to the wrench and pencil and place it on the plan then enter the next and place place it and so on.  Is that the most effective way to do it?  Not sure how I missed that one when working with it originally but I messed with it watched a bunch of videos and finally dawn broke.  I see a couple errors I made with my elecations.  Can those grades be edited in the OIP to change the grade and update the site model.  I want to change the highlighted grade to from 99 to 100.  Whats the path?1833914038_Screenshot(47).thumb.png.2828bbc5f8553aaf4813381f5aa6620a.png

  12. I have a relatively small flat site that's getting a pretty simple design build program.  I am working off of spot grades.  My 2d work is just about done.  What's the best method to show grading.  Site modeling seems a bit overkill.  Or is the grading tool the way to go.



  13. I have put together two hardscape slabs to create the set of steps attached.  Being in New England I use a ton of granite stair sets and want to build a a favorites library of the various common sizes and combinations.  But first I need to take the two separate hardscape objects and turn them into one object.  So far I have been able to group the two objects and create a symbol which I can drop into the drawing easily.  But it seems like the rendering options are limited.  I also see with one I can create a new slab style but when I put the two together I don't get that option.  Can the stair tool be used for this?  I'm looking for the best method.



    Screenshot (43).png

  14. That follows what Tom was saying...a completely new animal.  I found a video which explains it, it seems a bit wonky at first but I was able to figure it out with the help of a you tube video from a V.W. user should I share it?  Thanks Tom & Andy.

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  15. Yes that's what I'm trying to edit.  When looking at the training video the instructor has the drawing label selected in the annotation window.  The OIP from the VW instructor  is fully populated with parameters.  In my 2021 version most are missing.  For example I am looking to manipulate the Drawing and Sheet parameter to change data showing in the circle on the annotation.  I looked under Edit in Resource Manager, under Plug in Instance Settings and Edit Drawing Label Layout.  It looks all the parameters are there in OIP in the Viewport mode 814684313_Screenshot(40).thumb.png.9d87689096aa0a54c2fdcbfc2f2ea2f1.pngbut it seems as if there is some functionality missing in the OIP annotations mode.  Am I missing something?  BTW thanks for the help!  Very much appreciated! 

    Screenshot (42).png

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