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  1. I have set up a pad modifier with retaining edge.  Its retaining the wrong side of the wall.  How do I fip the direction.  I have watched a bunch of videos on it and it must be sailing right over my head.  Also If grade limits are set can they be edited?  If so what's the path.  

  2. I think you hit the nail on the head Tom.  I will need to absorb what your saying and mess with it.  I have been going though my images and have several dry stack walls I intend to set up as image props and textures.  I will most surely keep you all updated as I progress.  I second Kevin's point.  Tom you really seem to get the software...You could teach it.  I'm out today doing the hands on stuff.  I sincerely appreciate the help in removing the training wheels.  Thank you!

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  3. Here is the extrude I did.  Pretty simple.  I just created the polygon with an inverted 8ish percent slope front then 90 on the back extruded along the path.  Can that extrude be turned into a wall style?  As it is the extrude can't have the site wall modifier applied.  I'm going to put my own stone wall image props on as a textures so I can show client varying wall styles.  Can you get there from here?  Next I'll try a tapered extrude.503163993_Screenshot(32).thumb.png.b6292cb4e2b0e6efd1f147b8d37c0d5e.png953513039_Screenshot(33).thumb.png.77b9016014fa6f5bdea3cfd95f2fa857.png

  4. Thanks Kevin.  Yes.  The extrude was the one thing I hadn't tried yet and just saw it in a training doc.  If Vectorworks was a cat you could skin it many different ways...it appears.  I did a mock up with an extrude but not a tapered extrude.  No worries on uploading the file I'm going to learn Vectorworks maybe Greek later in life.  I will definitely give that one a try with the pad with retaining edge.   If I went into a panic every time my site model went wacky I'd be in the corner blithering.  Again thanks to all that helped with this.  I think I would be good material for a training video. 

  5. Yes that plan has been hacked and messed with six ways to Sunday.  I have been playing in 3d over my slow winter months to get as good a handle on the 3d modeling as possible.  And that's my practice plan.  Honestly I'm not super worried about super high accuracy to the yard of fill or to the inch.  I'm mostly concerned about the ability to get VW set up so it exhibits my style for my clients in a reasonably accurate way.  Just like doing a hand drawing not exact but pretty close.  Once I master that I will worry about extracting data.  Fortunately I can estimate actual cost easily from 2d.  But I have some learning to do.  Guys thanks for your help on this.  This has been my biggest sticking point on the learning curve.

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  6. Maybe I'm asking the wrong question.  The end goal is  to create a free from wall of any geometry and be able to set it to my proposed grade.   It would make sense that any of the wall tools will get you there to some degree.   If I understand what your saying about wall join tool.  It does not recognize all walls the same?  If that's the case then is it impossible to connect a round wall with a straight wall correct?  And if that's the case if you have a wall such as the one I have here with straight segments and curved segments how do they join.  If they don't or can't it does not matter I'm interested in the end result.  A landscape wall with batters that goes where ever I draw it then brings me up to grade.  I'm starting to think that an extrude is a possible solution.  I'll be messing with that possibility.

  7. Not only do I want the look with the batter I want my proposed grading to fit to the wall.  The textures are no biggie right now.  Once I get my wall I'll create a style and can just put what ever texture I want on it.  As far as the actual angle..I'm not to concerned I want the visual.  I normally do a 3/4-1"batter/1' of rise.  Normally we do an 18" top.  


  8. I've had a number of discussions about this and it appears to me that there is some type of limitation in the creation of curved walls and how they join and integrate with the wall modifier tool.  I'm guessing that I'm missing something but now that I can't figure it out I can't let it go.  I have to find the solution...Its a good challenge!



  9. The issue is that they won't join and as such the wall modifier tool wont work on them. 

    Foundation walls are vertical landscape wall have a batter.  So if you look at the legacy create objects from shapes command and convert to landscape walls it gives the option to set Pitch (batter).  A retaining wall, at least the ones I build, aren't vertical.

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