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  1. Is there a quick way to convert a PDF to lines on a drawing.  I'm importing a site plan from a client which is in PDF format.  It comes in scaled perfectly with lines very clear.  Do I need to trace it or is there a trick?

  2. I want to print some rough drafts and the plan is only printing out about 2/3 of the design on an 11x17 page.  How do I adjust the print margins so I use the entire page...Margins excluded of course.  It shows on the screen that it is with in the available print area.  It was also only printing to page breaks.  I have a formatting issue.

  3. Ok just did it and used the selection tool to select the whole screen.  Nothing highlighted.  Somehow I have a symbol floating around way off in left field that I can't find.  Is it a digital ghost?😄

    Screenshot (24).png

  4. Yea in advanced plant settings the annotations were not set properly and the plant tags were set as various things.  That weren't correct.  I have it straightened up here thanks for the help


  5. I have a report which is showing a plant which I can't see or find on my plan.  I'm not sure how to get it out of there so I can clean up the report.  You will see Plum Pudding Coral Bells.  Thats the one that needs to go.  What do I do?

    Screenshot (23).png

  6. I have two view ports I want to display different data.  One has plant tags one has callouts.  The sheet with the plant tags Cover Sheet is to display plant tags.  The other, Specification Sheet, is to display the general specs for the job.  I want to show the plant symbols on the Specification Sheet but not the plant tags.  The plant tags show up on both but when I go to shut them off on the OIP tag function it takes them from both.  How do I unlink the two viewports?

    Screenshot (21).png

    Screenshot (22).png

  7. I have the attached flagstone path which was created by Duplicate Along Path.  I want to capture the individual pieces into a worksheet so I can estimate the amount of pieces I will need.  Is there a way to do it?  Somehow I see they are 3d symbols I must have created them like that.  I'm not sure if that's an issue.  LMK.  Thanks.

    Screenshot (19).png

  8. What would the spreadsheet formula look like for volume of graded base (crusher run).  I have 650 square, feet 6" deep, at 115lb/cuft.  Long hand Its (650x.5)115/2000=18.7 tons.  I'm in a worksheet and have my square footage worked out.

  9. I'm trying to get a report on a viewport.  When I put it in there is data missing.  Plants, sizes, costs etc.  I updated the data on plant styles.  What am I missing.

    Screenshot (17).png

    Screenshot (18).png

  10. I have my shrubs on shrub layer in show snap modify others mode.  The other layers do not show up.  Similarly the shrub layer does not show up when I am in Design Layer One.  Whats the setting to make all layers visible show up under show snap modify others mode?

    Screenshot (15).png

  11. Ah Ok think I see the problem.  I am not getting the blue control handles.  I am guessing I have a setting wrong.  I can see the end of the tag line highlights red when I hover over it but the whole thing moves.  You can see I highlighted LLBox at the top of the screen.  

    Screenshot (14).png

  12. I am working on moving a plant tag but the tag is stuck to the plant symbol and moves the whole grouping.  I have tried right and left click and hold looked at ungroup.  Not sure what the setting is.  Please let me know if you have the answer.


    Also when in a viewport how do I get back to the drawing?

    Screenshot (13).png

  13. Yea I have been looking at the individual graphics in the editor and cant seem to find any difference.  When I scroll down the graphics even out and become more crisp momentarily then snaps back to the muted colors.  When I print it prints the muted colors on the screen.

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