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  1. I am referring to all the courses in general.  That's partially just feedback.  But for example I am in Create Landscape Areas.  It would be great to be able to follow along in the actual file as the instructor makes the moves.  I'm also looking at the bottom of the file where it says that we will be using Create Objects from Shapes command.  For review purposes it would be great if that was a link to the tutorial for that subject.  Of course I can look it up but for speed to the finish it would be helpful.   If the integrated video/tutorial is not available no worries please don't spend to much time on it.  The support I have been given while learning Vectorworks has been outstanding BTW.  Thanks for your prompt response.

  2. I'm going through the tutorials in Vectorworks U.  I am seeing the demo plans which the instructor is using to illustrate the particular function.  Are there any templates which can be downloaded in order to follow along?   I have been creating basic shapes and following along that way but it would be helpful to be able to follow in real time in the same example being given on the tutorial.

  3. I plan to make use of the on to one training but will go through the online resources first so I have a pretty good idea of what is what.  Then my tutor can help me out with the finesse points.  Again thanks for the help.  

  4. That did the trick.  The selection of plants was reduced after the update for some reason so I down loaded again and refreshed as you suggested and it seemed to repopulate all the object styles.  I am switching over from another lower power landscape software program so its a learning curve.  Thanks much for the help

  5. I'm learning vectorworks and the plant style selector will only populate basic trees.  I just did an update and suspect this is the reason I can no longer see the plants.  I also have a greatly reduced amount of plants in the resource browser.  But I can't get those plants to show up in the plant style selector.  I'm not worried about getting more plants in the data base at this point I just need to know how to get all the plant styles to show up in the plant selector at the top menu bar of the document.  Any suggestions?


  6. I'm running through tutorials and I'm trying to filet two nurbs curves/planes (I'm assuming they are the same thing).  I have them set up as 3D polygons.  When I select them for the fillet I get the attached message.196168303_2020-03-17(4).thumb.png.333e876bb49772913174e25bf36f1e99.png

    Any ideas of what I have wrong.  Both are nurbs but are not being recognized as such for filleting.

  7. I'm new to the program and seem to constantly run into issues with settings blocking different commands.  For example, I am trying to extrude along a path.  I draw a nurbs curve and a circle on the page.  The tab for the command does not highlight.  Extrude highlights but says objects are illegal.  Is there a cheat sheet that give needed settings for each command.  I'v tried screen plane, layer plan, 2d, isometric.  What are the proper settings for this command?  Thanks.  


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