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  1. I will admit I am not an expert, but is this the final say in this matter. Any other ideas, thoughts?
  2. I'm running into a problem when plotting a drawing to PDF in VectorWorks 11.5. I have one of my layers set to Overlay, but when the PDF is created the layer is not transparent, but opaque. Any thoughts on how to correct this would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Annette
  3. My VectorWorks users are having a problem launching v11 from the start menu. When they go to Start\Programs\Vector Works v11 and click on the program icon nothing happens. The only way the program will launch is by going to C:\Program Files\Vector Works v11 and clicking on the .exe file. I have tried reinstalling the program and recreating the shortcut but it still won't launch from the Start menu. Any ideas how to fix this? While not a big issue I do have a few users that like starting the program fro the Start menu. Any help is greatly appreciate.
  4. I'm having the same problem. I am using a PowerMac G4 running Panther and trying to print to an HP 1055CM. The file is about 54MB and is 36 x 72. I send the job to print and it disappears. The funny part is I can print half of the file, but not the entire file. Any thoughts on this one?
  5. Oh, I could not export to an image file and my quick time is 6.5
  6. Hi shirley, Yes, QuickTime 6.0 is installed. Annette
  7. PC VW 10.1 OS: XP Pro 1GB RAM When trying to animate a file I get the following error message: Unknown OS error of type -2010 occurred. When I try running the same file on a Mac running OS 10, VW 10.1 and a PC running Windows 2000 Pro the animation works. Any thoughts on why this is not working on XP? Thanks, Annette
  8. Thanks for the information Katie. I checked the document dpi settings and it is set to 75dpi. Doesn't seem this is the cause of my problem. Any other suggests would be greatly appreciated. Kindest regards, Annette
  9. When printing anything over 55? the file spools very quickly and then disappears. We have tried the following to resolve this issue: Upgrading to 10.5 (one user only) Eliminating layers Importing layers into a new file Using different workstations (PCs and Macs running 10.1.2) Validating file with VectorScript and then importing them through Workgroup References (if errors appear) Uninstall VW 10.5 and reinstalling 10.1.2 Here is some information on the type of systems being used. PC Dell Precision Workstation Zeon 2.2GHz processor or higher 512MB Windows 2000 w/SP 4 ATI, FIRE GL Plotter : HP 1055 CM Mac PowerMac G4 400 MHz 712 RAM OS X 10.2.8 Plotter: HP 1055CM During the course of our trouble shooting we were able to print 105" by changing our custom color pallet back to default. However, we were only able to get the file to print once. Any other issue occurs when printing out PDFs. The image does not print out correctly. If set to horizontal, the image prints out vertically. Anyone have any suggestions or experience similar problems? Kindest regards, Annette
  10. My problem is similar. Whenever a user tries to create a PDF in either Acrobat 5.0 or 6.0 it takes an extremely long time. I have asked users to try and decrease the size of the VectorWorks file and in some instances this has worked, but in general it does not. The platform doesn't seem to matter as I work with both Macs and PCs (OS X, and Windows 2000) Does anyone know if there are size limits when creating a PDF? Also is there a better way of converting VectorWork files into PDFs or perhaps a more suitable application? The create PDF button located within VectorWorks makes the file too big so that is not possible. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. AFlores
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